looking at houses is hard work, but we need to move to a new home

In search of a place to call home

Last time we wanted to escape our so-called home, we had no luck, and ended up in a far worse place than our old one was. This has resulted in many health issues, mainly because of noise and harassment from our upstairs neighbors, who seem to have never heard the word ‘respect’, nor did any of them ever grew up knowing what common sense is. It’s come to the point where I am not even able to call them humans anymore, as they behave like wild circus animals, and seem to have no life whatsoever, other than being dicks toward us. And no, we’ve never done anything to deserve this, and actually talk well with all the other neighbors, who on the other hand don’t even come near the upstairs monkeys. Go figure…

We found out that we needed to move again during the first week we even moved in here, but it costs time and money to do so, and it’s been a struggle with both. Since the start of this summer though, we’ve been working on getting away from this here rat hole, as well as helping the housing association trying to get rid of the ones causing this situation for every family who has moved into this apartment over the past 10 years. Because, although they want to, they can’t just kick them out, like a landlord could do with ease. It requires having evidence against them when they do something wrong, which they need to take to court. Recording their noise night and day, as well as taking photos of their food being thrown out the window and other stuff sadly wasn’t enough, so we’re kind of giving up here.

Another issue is the building itself, so even if they’d get kicked out, we’d not want to stay here. The outside is literally crumbling, and pieces of bricks can be found all over, and I can even hear the plaster inside the walls disintegrating at night, waking me up from my needed sleep. As a result, we have ants coming in, and once again (like in the old apartment) we have mold in the windows and in corners where the outside wall is leaky. To top it all off, the housing association decided to raise the rent, while doing nothing about the problems at all. As things are now, I’m quite sure we’d have to wait at least 5 years until they do something about the wall, while I’m gonna give it a max of 1 year until ants and mold will be a bigger issue than screaming monkeys.


A little while ago, we had our eyes on a house in another town that was just what we needed. It was quite small, but big enough for the 3 of us, had a neighbor on each side of it, and was located in a very family friendly and quiet place. Sadly though, we needed to sort a lot of things with the bank, because they don’t have any trust in my current situation, and decided to ignore my boyfriend’s economy. We’ll take a loan through my stepdad though, and he trusts us. As everything was finally settled with the bank, and we called the real estate guy, he had sold the house few days before though, and overbidding was apparently no option at all.

Devastated, and bound to stay here until we’d find something else, we’ve been looking at houses every day, waiting for something affordable to show up. As a matter of fact, few weeks ago, something did show up. It’s a bit far away though, and we’re not too fond of living that far out, but our situation requires us to act now, and if it’s within our budget, we’re going to buy it and move the heck away from this here place. So yeah, we decided to take a look at it, and that’s what we did last week. It’s really nice and spacy, and since it was built in 2005, the new rules for how to isolate a house were already enforced by that time. I don’t mind the higher rent, if we can save money on heat and water, which we surely will, as it’s not leaky, and no toilet will be running all night.

There are also no direct neighbors, as the nearest house is separated by 2 carports, so we are not sharing a wall or ceiling with anyone. As a matter of fact, the neighboring house is empty and also for sale. As it’s a bit cheaper than the house I’ve been writing about, we had a look at that one first, at least from the outside, and on photos on the internet. Sadly though, it’s nicotine yellow inside (like the very first house we looked at few months ago, yuck!), and the isolation around one of the windows doesn’t look good at all. Thinking about how we’d have to spend the money we could save on the price of the house itself on repairing stuff (which we don’t have time for); we decided to go for the slightly more expensive one.

As you might be able to read in the text above, we already decided to buy the house the same day we had a look at it, so we did. Earlier today, I signed the contract to become the next owner of the house, and by the end of next month, we’ll cancel the contract for our current apartment. I’m done with monkeys and lazy housing associations, and from November, I won’t have to think about either anymore, as our new neighbors seem very friendly and everything but noisy. Maybe I’ll be able to finish reading The Divine Comedy without using headphones with loud music after all?

On a sidenote: A dog will be welcomed into our lives next month, but you’ll notice soon enough if you stay put 🙂

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