my etsy shop is now up and running

Etsy shop is now up and running!

Awmigawd! I’ve been working towards this moment for over a year now, and it’s finally done! My Etsy shop is officially open, and I’m so excited, I can barely contain my joy! I got the review I was waiting for (thank you Sidachi!), and decided that today would be the day! Sadly, the nebula bottle is not up there, as the air bubble decided to grow, and I’m sooo mad at it…

Anyway, there are 15 items up for sale now, of which 13 of them are bracelets. I have more in my box, but I need to take some good photos before uploading them, and it’s not gonna happen today. After uploading everything to Etsy, I also did the same thing to my Instagram account, which I made solely for the shop to promote myself a bit. It took hours, but I feel good about it!

Now, why did it take so long for me to start this shop, and then I only have 15 items? The thing is that I’m in the claws of the system, and therefore not allowed to make money. I got the permission to do so a while ago though, as long as it’s only a little bit, but was just too afraid. On top of that, I also gave a lot of my work away to friends and family, and until few months ago, I was down to almost no stash, haha *is an idiot*

I also wanted to start with positive feedback, as it’s very hard for a newly opened shop to find foot on Etsy, and not drown in all the other shops. Positive reviews mean a lot more to a shop owner than you can imagine! I also found it hard to price my items fairly, but finally figured out, that my price should be material cost + worktime + packaging + fees, and still match the current market of similar items.

As stated above, I currently have mostly bracelets in my shop, but I’ve got some ideas for more bottle charms, and also for future shop items. Once we’ve moved and settled down, I will work more on fridge magnets (which I already have a handful of already) and bookmarks. It won’t be plastic magnets, but real painted seashells. It also won’t be printed bookmarks, but crafted ones with paper, dried flowers and magazine / manga cutouts all laminated and with a tassel. It’s gonna be fun, and I can’t wait to add these beauties to my shop!

The name of the shop is of course Colorpieces, and the same goes for the Instagram account I made for it.

Visit the Etsy shop here:

Visit the Instragram here:

I’d be happy if you would peek inside! Window shopping doesn’t cost anything 😉

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