Whoa, it’s so much work uploading items on Etsy! And it doesn’t make it better, than I decided to upload everything to Instagram right afterwards. I wish Etsy had a template for who made the item, when it was made, and what kind of item it is. I mean, 90% of my listings so far have been of the friendship bracelet type, but I have to click on 4 drop-down options every time I want to choose it. I also wish they had a tag cloud similar to WordPress, where the most used tags appear on top of lesser used tags. Those 2 features would make it sooo much faster for me to upload listings.

But anyway, I took some photos yesterday, which ended up, ehm… rather dark, but still useful. I would not have uploaded the listings, if I didn’t feel like the photos represent my items. I am well aware of the fact, that the photos uploaded on Etsy are the gateway to a sale, and that mine are not exactly the cream of the cake. But what is a girl to do, when she lives in a country where the sun only shines few weeks of the year, and she can’t even go outside to use that light, because of monkey neighbors who’d most probably just steal her items, or throw shit at her? Exactly! Sit inside and hope for the best… But since the trees outside block the light with their leaves, it was rather hard.

I’d like a lightbox, but they cost money, funny enough. But then again, once we’ve moved, I can start with my actual plan, which was to use a stool my boyfriend once made, place it outside, and put my items on it to shoot some nice photos. That way, I could use the natural light, while presenting my items on a natural surface (wood). Or well, that’s the plan. As said, the weather here is not always nice, and I might just have to sit inside again. At least I would be able to sit in front of the window, letting the sun shine in, without having to worry about someone passing by and looking in *shudder*

Up until now, I find it quite fun to have a shop, and although it is hard work, and I can’t do much about the photos right now, I like correcting and polishing everything I’ve done. I’m also looking more and more forward to expanding my types of items. While I enjoy creating friendship bracelets and bottle charm necklaces, I want to do more. As mentioned in my post about opening my shop, I want to create seashell fridge magnets and bookmarks, but also teacup candles and maybe even earrings. I’m also working on ideas on how to make more traditional bracelets and necklaces. Opening was fun, but keeping it up to date is the real deal!

At this point, I’d also like to thank a few people, so please excuse me. First, I’d like to thank my boyfriend, who was quick to share my grand opening on Facebook. Then my mother in law, who reposted it on her wall, for all her friends to see. And of course Nao, who made a Tumblr post about my shop and my works, and shared it there. And last, but certainly not least, Sidachi for the very first purchase and review, and also the custom order I currently work on. You guys are awesome, and I appreciate your help so much!

Of course, my first sale to someone I don’t already know has yet to happen, but maybe it will around Christmas? I’m hopeful, and it can only get better! 🙂