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Planning! What’s going on?

Well, Arthur is growing big, and although he is still far from clean, he’s doing really well. Apart from that though, nothing seems to be going right these days. I’m suffering from severe depression and anxiety, partly because I have a meeting with a psychologist today, that I knew nothing about 3 days ago. Yep, the state is at it again with their bad planning and timing. I’m not looking forward to it at all, but I have to go. I just hope it ends positive for me, if I may be so selfish to say that.

Because of all that’s happening right now, I haven’t been able to tend to my Etsy shop, which is sad, I know. Today though, I’ll open a 10% discount coupon, but only on Instagram, so head on over to my Etsy shop account there, and follow me to see when the coupon goes live. It will be valid for a month, so go grab some early Christmas gifts, or just treat yourself! I also have some new necklaces I’d like to list when I have more time.

We’re also slowly counting down the days to when we move. Currently, 52 days are left. While it feels kind of good to see the number of days go down, it also feels awful, as I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay ‘sane’ until we reach 0. According to the housing association, our upstairs neighbors have been evicted, but nothing is happening, and I doubt the truth of their words. The noise every day is unbearable, but at least we seem to have silent nights now, so I guess they did get some sort of threat or last warning.

To get through these hard last months before we move, I try my best to keep my mind off these things. I TRY! I’ve started drawing a bit again, small ghosts in various situations. I’ve showed them to Nao on Instagram, and she seems to get a laugh out of them every time she gets one. She seems quite sure, that others would like them too, so I’m planning on scanning the sketches and re-create them as vector images. I want to make them an online ‘comic’ of sorts, offer them as prints on Redbubble and Society6, and eventually offer various small stuff with them on, like buttons and stickers. It would be fun, and keep me occupied for years to come. It’s gonna take a while until something goes online though, as I don’t plan on starting anything big before we’ve moved and settled down in the new place. But planning feels good, and it never hurts to be prepared! No, I don’t play the new WoW expansion, go away… But I sure love Illidan!

I know this post is neither interesting nor informative, but I have so little time at the PC these days, that I can’t really do much. I just wanted to say that I’m not dead, and that I’m working on both myself and some other stuff. There’s always something to do!

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