I’m sorry for being so inactive again. It’s getting more and more stressful to live in this here dump, and having to pack our whole life into boxes once again drains the energy we have left. I wanted to post something I wrote after watching the first season of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix about 2 weeks ago, but I don’t feel like it anymore. If you wanted to know what I wrote, here’s a short summary: The series is stupid, Ted is a dick, and the kids should have moved out halfway into dad’s story. And I actually used to like the show…

Well, anyway, this is probably the last time I’ll be at the PC with enough time to write something before we move, so I’ll use this post to share my thoughts with you. I’ll also put up some posts scheduled to go online by themselves for a while, as I don’t want it to be all silent in here. So stay tuned for some info posts with articles about where to find royalty free images, what royalty free means, and a little about copyright.

Let’s start with today’s post though. If you’ve been around here before, you might know that I’ll be moving soon. With the help of my parents, my little family was able to afford a house in a far better place than this city. I love Sønderborg, I really do, we have everything here, but if we want to stay here, apartments will always be our only option. And to be honest, we’re sick and tired of sharing walls, ceilings and floors with other people, especially when 90% of the ones we have had as neighbors so far refuse to behave, and overall just lack common sense.

So, what I’m looking forward to is having our own walls, an attic, and no basement. We share the garden with our other 3 neighbors, but I can live with that, as we’ll have a garden that is not covered with trash from other people. I’m also looking forward to our new kitchen, as it’s big enough for us to eat in there. Until now, every apartment we’ve had was either too small for a dining table, or it was one of those horrible kitchen/living rooms. Since our last apartment, we’ve had a dining table in the living room, as they’ve been really big, but we’ve only ever used them when having guests. Maybe it’s just too big for 3 people and an everyday meal.

Because of the constant noise from our upstairs neighbors day and night, we’ve been sleeping in the living room for over a year, on one of those fancy couches you can turn into a bed. Our backs sure scream for a proper bed now, and a room that’s only for sleeping, which we are really looking forward to. The lil’ one will also get a better room, not bigger, but just better, as it will let in more light, and the shape of the room makes for more floor space than he has now. Also, we’ll have our own carport, meaning we won’t ever have to share 6 parking spots with 20 other people, and my boyfriend will always be able to park right in front of the door, where it’s dry and clean.

And don’t get me started on having our own trashcans, but yes, that’s also something we look forward to, haha! I could go on with this, as we’ll finally have a working toilet and shower too. But let’s stop here *cough*

Of course, the house itself is not the only thing I look forward to. I also can’t wait to experience silence during the day, and sleep at night, which means more time and energy to do other things. I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I want to do, once I have the vitality to actually do them, and I’ve made a list in order to remember them and keep track. I don’t strive to complete goals per se, but just want to work on my projects, and hopefully get some sort of inner completion from doing so. You can find the list in “About me”. Wish me luck? 😀

PS: 4 articles with each 4 days pause between them will be posted automatically starting 6 days from now. I hope to be back at the PC with something new and fresh by then. I’ll be online with my phone though 😉