we finally bought a house, and moved to our new home

Moving to our new home

I can finally post something again, yay! From my boyfriend’s laptop, but whatever. We didn’t expect everything to take so long, but we’re not even half done yet it seems. When we saw the house back in summer, it looked way better on the inside as when we moved in. We actually didn’t even expect having to paint every room, because the paint looked nice when we had a look back then, and thus it wasn’t our first priority. But… wake-up call!

When we moved in, there were deep scratches in many of the walls, and the holes where nails and screws had been removed were surrounded by ripped tapestry or filled with plastic. It was also very dirty, and by that, I mean disgustingly filthy! Pee on the bathroom walls, dried poo inside the towel cabinet, and the bathroom floor was more black than grey. And don’t get me started on the kitchen! Okay, now that I’ve started… It was filled with grease up and down the tiles around the cooking area, and fat burnt on the kitchen stove, as well as a very dirty fridge. Overall, those two rooms were so disgusting, that I refused to use the toilet until it was cleaned, and didn’t cook in the kitchen until three days later, because that’s how long it took to clean up that mess.

My boyfriend said, that they had probably not cleaned the house since they knew it was sold, as it wasn’t their problem anymore, but to be honest, I think a lot of the dirt in the kitchen was from the past few years, and not only four months. Also, I think it’s really rude to ruin the walls and tapestry when moving, as the house was no longer as seen when we moved in, and not at all what we expected to find ourselves in the middle of. If I ever meet those two old people again, I want to ask them how the heck they could live in their own filth, and treat the property we paid them for in such a way. But I actually hope I never meet them again… They belong in a nursing home, and not in a new house, as they are unable to even clean up their own pee. I know, it’s easy to judge and talk about people you barely know, but I learnt a lot more about them by cleaning up after them, than I ever wanted to.

Okay, phew, enough of the ranting. After spending the first whole week cleaning like a maniac, our sons room was made ready for him to move in. We painted it in a light yellow color, which kind of resembles homemade vanilla ice cream. Although white was the color he wanted, he could see how this was much more warm and inviting, and after unpacking all his stuff, he loves his new room to bits. After that, it’s been a bit more relaxed here, and we’re slowly starting to prepare the living room. We want it light brown / khaki, as we’re tired of white walls. We’re sleeping on mattresses on the floor, as we sold our couch the day before moving, and still have no bed, nor a proper bedroom yet, but we’re working on it.

After cleaning the house of the nasty old people and filth smell, it feels more like our home now, and the more I work on the holes and scratches in the walls, the closer I get to painting them, after which we will buy new furniture. Ikea raid incoming! I can’t wait to get my own PC corner, and all my hobby stuff unpacked again. Although there’s lots to do, I feel bored at times, and complained heavily about it lead to my boyfriend buying me The Divine Comedy as an early birthday gift (else I would have bought it myself anyway), and now I’m able to take a break with a good book in my hands. I can’t put words on what I felt, when I opened the book without any music or TV on, and just began reading. I’ve not been able to do that in over a year, because of our horrible upstairs neighbor…

It was rough moving in here, especially since my boyfriend still had to clean and paint the old apartment, while I was here in the house doing the same thing. The old apartment is now a thing of the past though, and some of the hardest parts are over. We’re happy to have some peace and quiet in our lives, and look forward to live, and not only be here. Our neighbors even stopped by with a huge flower to greet us, which was very nice of them. I showed them what we had done up until now, and explained what we still wanted to complete, and they seemed quite excited. Must be weird for them to have such young *cough* people living here now, but I’m sure we’ll all get along fine.

In case you are wondering what is now happening in the old apartment, here’s a short update. I can’t remember if I ever wrote about it here, but our old upstairs neighbors got evicted after all the trouble they kept causing, even after getting warnings and visits from the housing association. Because she has tons of underage kids though, they made a deal with her about when she had to be out of there. Her ex-husband living two apartments further down the road had to be out three months ago though, as he had none of their kids living with him. I told the director that they wouldn’t move, and kept using the apartment, but he seemed sure, that when the mother moved, the father would as well. Yeah, right… None of them have any intentions of moving out of the building, deal or no deal. This has now lead the housing association to start a case in court, and remove the entire family by force, from both apartments. I sure hope they win the case, and that those horrible people will forever vanish from the area, as I liked the other residents there, and the new owners of our old apartment seem so nice. Granted, it’s not our issue anymore, but as a co-worker of my boyfriend was our neighbor there, and our other upstairs neighbors invited us over in the future, we might just end up going to that place again, and as those idiots above us seem to think that we were the roots of all evil happening in their lives, it could end up ugly… for them, haha.

Ah, neighbors… I’m glad we have no one above, under or directly around us to pester us anymore. We might live a bit far out in the country now, but we still live, and as both my boyfriend and I grew up in tiny towns even further away from the city than we are now, we’ll do just fine. Arthur is a bit confused though… HUNT ALL THE CATS!!! BARK AT ALL THE PEOPLE… ACROSS THE STREET!!! BARK AT THE FRIDGE!!! BARK AT THE WIND!!! BARK!!! BARK!!! BARK!!! But that might just be him being a Corgi though…

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