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The motivational speech

As announced in my earlier entry, here’s the one about motivation. I think it’s something everyone can relate to, be it because of lack of motivation, being overly motivated, or trying to motivate others. It’s the drive that keeps us going, but what happens when it’s not there? Can others help, or do you have to find the drive again yourself?

I for one, always try to motivate the people I love. Maybe even too much, to the point where I tend to become pushy instead of motivating. I don’t know if that’s really the case, but it sometimes seem like it. I’ve tried motivating friends to draw more, sell their works/crafts, keep their mood up, and overall just wanting them to have success with what they like doing. While spending my scarce energy doing so, I tend to lack motivation myself in the end, or at least the energy to get from the idea to the actual goal. The one thing I try making my friends do, is the one thing I’m not doing myself. But when I finally get my arse away from the TV and start something, I rarely stop until I’m either done, or feel satisfied with what I’ve accomplished.

Now, do I feel disappointed when spending my energy trying to motivate someone, and I see later that it was to no avail? Well, both yes and no. In some cases, my ideas are just not working, because of some laws in the system being different from country to country. So when I try to advice a friend from Germany with ideas that work for me, there’s no guarantee that they can work there, because the country works differently. There’s nothing to do about that, and it makes me a bit sad, both on my friends and my own behalf, because fuck the system.

There have been cases where I can answer a clear ‘yes’ to the question above though, the most prominent being my boyfriend’s cousin (I’m sorry girl, you know I love you). She’s always in need of money, just like every other teenager, but since she lost her job (her boss was a bitch), she lacks motivation, which is understandable after such a letdown. Trying to cheer her up, and help her make some “easy” money, I suggested drawing for others, and even offered her cash for drawing my OC Raguel. Because, she can draw! Maybe she’s always deleting her DA entries, but I’ve seen them (being the stalker that I am), and they’re really darn good. I also suggested drawing adoptables, as they are not as hard as commissions, or even just draw something nice for prints on Redbubble and Society6. I’m so sure she’d be able to pull all of those ideas off, but here comes dear motivation again… or not. Motivation stays far away in this case, and nothing ever seems to get done. Maybe the change of school plays a role in this, well it probably does, but still. What she has in talent, she lacks in motivation, and it makes me so darn sad to see her potential go to waste, as she could get that new iPhone (or whatever it is she wants now), if she would just put some effort into it. Motivation! I has it! Take some! I have plenty! But I’m just the annoying relative, whispering like a cricket into Pinocchio’s ear. In the real fairytale, the cricket got killed… *gulp*

Well anyway, there’s also a case where I feel that my efforts are bearing fruit, and maybe it’s because he can’t escape my constant whispers, but I choose to believe, that he’s motivated. As mentioned in my earlier entry, my boyfriend is really up for taking jobs from friends, and my ideas about Patreon seem to motivate him as well. Maybe because of the fact that he’s close to getting a new camera, as new toys always motivate people, but that’s fine with me. It makes me happy when he is happy, and in this case, I can actually help him along the way, so the burden is not entirely his to bear.

So, summed up… I’m sad when I fail at motivating the people I love. It feels like I am the one who is at fault for them not getting anything done, while it’s actually just up to them whether they want to do something or not. Maybe I just hate seeing wasted potential, as I’m a person who has none. I like doing tons of different things, but I’m not really good at any of them. I should probably work more on myself and my own lack of motivation, before I start talking other people into projects… Nah, I won’t! The next time a friend says she needs a motivational kick in the butt, I’m gonna jump into my boots! The next time my boyfriend’s cousin says she needs money, I’m gonna offer her to wash our car! Because that’s who I am. I’m the one trying to motivate others, while barely getting anything done myself, because I’m too busy with their stuff. I should be more selfish…

What’s your relation to dear motivation? Do you have it up your rear, or are you the one needing a motivational speech from others? 😉

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