my experience with instagram, ups and downs, good and bad things

Instagram – Ups and downs

I’ve been on Instagram for a year now, and would like to share my experiences! First off, I’ll mainly be focusing on my main account, but I’ll get into multiple accounts handling later. I registered February 8th 2016, and now have 110 images uploaded, of which the newest one is from today. Compared to many others, this is not much, but I only use my main account for whatever I want to, and not display anything specific, nor upload selfies.

Looking back at the year that passed, I’ve been posting a lot of hobby stuff, like bracelets, bottle charms and drawings. On second place are the animals, mainly my mom’s dog and whatever I find to be relevant. Basically everything else are just some spur of the moment images of what I was currently doing, or felt like sharing, because why not? Having 4 accounts, I’ve posted more specific stuff elsewhere. After 3 accounts though, Instagram starts acting weird, and often logs me out of the account I share with my boyfriend, the one for our dog.

I ceased to use my Ghosty account, as no one seems interested in my work with him, but I’m thinking about changing my Colorpieces account to a multifunctional account for all things I put up for sale somewhere, be it Storenvy, Redbubble, Society6 or wherever. That way, Ghosty would be featured there instead, as some sort of mascot, instead of a comic. Right now though, this is not one of my most important things to get done, so it’s gonna have to wait.

So, while I find Instagram to be a nice place to share images, chat with people, and find something of interest as well, there’s also a downside of course. While it’s expected on a social media platform, I find the amount of spam to be infuriating. Sometimes, you get the usual “Get more followers!” spam comments, but what I hate more are the smiley, and one-word comments. Why write a smiley as a comment? Why write “Nice!” as a comment, when you obviously don’t mean it? I’m not gonna go to your account and follow you when you do shit like that.

Followers… It seems to be the one big thing driving people on Instagram. Wanting more followers, and doing whatever it takes to get them. I find it pretty annoying how people crave for a simple thing like that. I only follow very few people, but I really like them. It’s not like I follow them because I want followers back, but I do get many followers who expect that exact thing of me. After 1 – 24 hours, they’re gone anyway, and I really don’t think it matters if I had followed them or not. Numbers count, not effort. I’d rather have an honest comment on something I did, than a like or follow, but maybe that’s just me.

Overall though, I find Instagram to be fun and easy to use. I can live with the spammers, as long as most people are nice, which they are 🙂

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