a rant about wasting money, losing my nerves, and fighting off a depression

Roads to emptiness

Or so it feels. I recently returned the pen display that didn’t want to work for some reason, and it was expensive as shit. I had to pay 40,95€ because Amazon wants it sent as a package, and they will only refund me 8,60€, so that’s shit with a very big S. All I can do now is to wait for my refund, and then I’ll put that money aside and save for a touchscreen laptop… again. Because you know what? This has actually happened to me before.

While it wasn’t the exact same situation as now, I bought a graphics tablet 10 years ago, and found out that my hand/eye coordination is shit, so I bought a touchscreen laptop instead. Back then, I kept the tablet, and wanted to gift it to someone, but it apparently broke over time, because suddenly it didn’t work anymore. Thinking about how it cost the same as a pen display nowadays; it still hurts to think about it. I was very happy with my laptop though, and still am, it’s the best thing ever! It’s pretty slow now though, and that’s why I thought a pen display would be great, which it wasn’t.

Ever since I got it, the pen display wouldn’t work. I was in touch with support, spent 100€ on adapters that never helped (got most of the money back from returns though, so yay…), and my nerves were so shredded in the end that I couldn’t sleep at night. That was when I decided to return it, and although it hurt my wallet (67€ that I won’t get back, shipping + adapters I can’t return), I actually feel good about it. I now want to repeat what I did 10 years ago, and save for a touchscreen laptop again. I have my eyes set on a newer model of my old Lappi, but because of the immense loss of money I’ve had to suffer from returning the pen display, I’m far from reaching my goal, and it will probably be sold out before I do, so… But yeah, that’s my new goal.

I was supposed to pick up some jewelry Friday last week to make something new out of it for someone, and that was my weekend plan. But she hadn’t found anything yet, so that was kind of a bummer. Yet another plan going down the drain. On a bittersweet note though, I wasted money in my favorite nerd shop, and got into reading some manga again. Although I have a ton that I still need to read, I always do something else, and then forget about the ones I bought. Not this time though, and it felt great! Now I want to finish Dante before reading any more manga though, so that’s a goal I can at least accomplish.

Overall, the past week has been pretty awful, and I’m surprised at myself, that I’ve not been driven into a depression yet, because that’s usually what happens when so much go wrong at the same time. Yeah, so much, because I’ve not written about everything. Anyway, I also just left a Castrum run because of asshats, so my mood is pretty bad, and I should probably just stop ranting…

Okay, sooo. I’ll finish Dante, wait for the jewelry, save up for a laptop, and then I don’t know. I guess those plans are good enough for now anyway. Oh, and I’m almost done with chapter 4 of my story, and just hit lvl 70 as Samurai today, so it’s not all that bad! I also did some doodles of my 2 main characters from my story, and I think they turned out pretty well, thinking about how I’ve not really been drawing for MONTHS! I think I’ll go make a cup of tea while waiting for my penalty in FF to be over, and try out my new and shiny Yuri!!! on fucking Ice mug. Yeah!

This is post #100 by the way. I wanted to celebrate it, but quite frankly, I don’t feel like it. But yay anyway!

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