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Custom orders… Eep! Challenge accepted!

”What’s up with that weird title?” you may ask. To keep it short; I’m scared of custom orders! As much as I like creating something for someone, I’m really afraid of screwing it up. When someone places a custom order, they have something in mind, and of course they’d like for me to recreate the image in their head. That’s the part that scares me the most to be honest. Not being able to create what the customer wishes for.

The reason I’m writing about this topic right now is, that I’ve been doing some custom orders for friends lately, as I mentioned in an earlier post. It makes me happy when my friends are happy, and of course I’m always giving 110%. I’m always nervous though, as I’m afraid of doing something wrong, or not to the liking of the one who ordered something from me. Okay, granted, I’ve not had any complaints until now, which boosts my self-confidence a bit, but the fear is still there.

The past 2 days (yes, 2 days!), I’ve been working on a bottle charm with a nebula inside. I both read and watched many tutorials on how to do it, and followed the ones that seemed to make the most sense. But as I did as explained, I noticed that every single tutorial is actually flawed to the point, where it’s basically useless. In the beginning, the nebula was blue at the bottom, but now it’s purple. An air pocket has made its way to the top of the bottle, which I can see in the tutorials too, but no one explains how to avoid it. And my biggest problem was to glue the cork to the bottle neck, as it was wet inside.

Okay, so today is my third day with that… thing, and it seems like there is nothing to do about the air pocket, other than just hoping it won’t grow bigger. I don’t get why the blue turned purple all of a sudden, but as it was meant to be a purple nebula with stars anyway, I’m not that concerned about it (yet, it still bugs the hell out of me!). And the cork is finally glued and shut tight, although it won’t completely dry inside. I took photos of it, and am ready for Etsy, and then shipping.

But hey… What if these flaws turn out to be what brings this project down? What if she doesn’t like what she gets? What if the air spreads? What if I’ll never learn how to create these bottles? What of every bottle ever created has these flaws, but no one tells you in the tutorials? I don’t knooow!

So, what does that have to do with custom orders in general? The thing is that I would have never wanted to create a nebula bottle, had I not been given this order. It was never my intention to make such bottles, ever. But I was like “Yeah, challenge accepted!” as usual. I kind of regret taking the order now, but then again, I would never have known had she not wished for a nebula bottle. Y’neea, you evil creature! *lol*

Moving on to the next order, I now have one listed for another bottle charm, but for someone else, which is meant to be a gift for a beloved person. Yeah, like that won’t make me shit my pants, right? Now it doesn’t only have to please the customer, but also her beloved. I’m dying here… But it’s nothing I can do right now anyway, as the rest of the year is fully booked for me. Etsy shop opening next week, dog is coming in 2 weeks, boyfriend’s birthday is in less than a month, and then we’re packing through all of September, and hoping to move during October instead of November. December is full of birthdays, and I take it we’re hosting Christmas again since we get a new house… Agh! But she knows, so it’s all fine…

It really irks me having to wait with a custom order, so I’ll probably think “Challenge accepted!” again, and do it sometime in-between. As it’s once again something I haven’t done before though, I’ll probably end up stressing over it for days, and then go cry in the corner.

Uh, and a friend sent me an art challenge on Instagram yesterday, and of course I thought “Challenge accepted!” right away, although I have no time for it… orz *cry*

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge – Review

I don’t know how it happened, but I watched the last episode yesterday. It feels weird, not only because I watched the second season within a few days, but also because the ending itself was weird. I won’t spoiler it in this review though, but if you haven’t watched the first season, reading this might be a spoiler in itself, so… SPOILER WARNING(!?)

The second season picks up where the first one ended. Quite literally. The difference now is though, that the left-out characters from the first season now play a bigger role, and the new Amazones and her Tengu turn out to be a part of the growing cast. It’s funny how they all work together so well, and it feels like the new characters have been there since the very beginning.

This time, Kou’s father is not the main problem, but a trip to Venus is. Nino tells the others how she has heard from her parents, and now she wants to go home again. By going home, she means the planet Venus of course, and most of the riverbank residents want to join her on that trip, and find a new home on her planet. This results in hard training with the help of Sister, where they need to live in a room with one another for almost a week, and also lose weight, as the rocket can only hold 500 kilos of weight.

As we get new characters though, we also get new backstories, of which I found Billy’s to be the one I’d like to know more about. The old characters also get a bit of story added to them, but I don’t feel any wiser as to what they did in the past. Although we get to know Whitey a lot better, and I like him a lot more than in the first season because of that. Due to various circumstances, we also get to see more of Maria, which is something I welcomed, as Sister is my favorite character of them all, and if you watched the first season, you know how their relationship works.

To be honest, there is nothing more I can say about the second season, as it has its roots in the first one, which I already reviewed. I don’t want to spoiler too much either, which is hard not to, if I keep writing about what happens. If they go to Venus or not, and who that shady person from the first season is must be held a secret! So go watch it if you haven’t already, it sure is worth it. I actually laughed more during these 13 episodes, as the characters were all established and well-known.

I’m sorry for not writing that much, bear with me please. Go watch it, and tell me what character you like the most, as there is bound to be at least one likeable character for every taste 🙂

Arakawa Under the Bridge – Review

It took me a while to get through this series. Not only because I lack the time to just sit down and watch a series from one end to the other right now, but also because it’s not a series I could have watched like that anyway. It’s really funny and weird, but also hits hard sometimes. Besides, although it’s an on-going story, every episode is neatly wrapped up, and the need to watch the next one right away simply isn’t there. Is that a bad thing? No, it’s not!

It all starts off on top of a bridge, where Kou is standing without his pants, as some naughty kids stole them from him, and placed them further up on the bridge. As he is the son of a wealthy businessman, who has been taught to never owe anyone anything, he decides to decline the help of a girl who is fishing nearby, and climbs up a pillar to grab the pants himself. As he even refuses to listen to what the girl has to say, he finds out the hard way that the pillar is broken, and in the next second, he is falling into the river with both pillar and pants.

As he is being dragged towards the bottom of the river by the heavy metal pillar, a hand stretches out towards him, and pulls him out of his misery. It’s the girl who was fishing just seconds ago; who now saved his life, and thus Kou feels that he owes her something now. That feeling is making him literally sick, and he wants to pay his debt right away, for him to move on and not owe her anything. The girl doesn’t really understand why he owes her anything, as she helped a person who was in danger, and finds that to be quite the normal thing to do. Kou keeps insisting though, and the girl decides, that if he really owes her anything, then it’s to be her lover.

Baffled by that kind of wish, but unable to refuse it because of not wanting to owe her anything, Kou agrees, and stays with his new lover under the bridge. It turns out that the girls name is Nino, and that she actually lives under the bridge, together with a lot of other people, who must now welcome Kou into their ranks, whether they want it or not. As he meets more and more of them, he realizes that not a single person seems to be normal in any way. Nino is a girl from Venus, the mayor is a man in a Kappa costume, and the nun is a huge man with a gun they all call Sister, just to name a few of them.

To top it all off, one of them is a musician named Hoshi, who is already in love with Nino, and is bound to cause trouble for the new citizen under the bridge. After a while of living in this new society, Kou realizes that every single one of them has their own purpose, and contributes to the system in their own way. Desperate to find his own place among their ranks, he becomes a tutor, and tries teaching the kids how the real world works. To them though, living under the bridge is the real world, and Kou will soon have to settle with that thought, especially since he wants to stay with Nino, who would never leave the bridge for any reason.


As he finally finds himself at home with the people under the bridge, he is found by his assistant, and an employee of his father, who is not amused by the way his son is living his life. Determined to get his son back on track, he decides to buy the rights to build along the riverbank, and thereby forcing the people who live there to move, hoping for his son to move back home again, and be the businessman he’s supposed to. That’s not what Kou has in mind though, and he starts a fight with his father where he has to show his businessman skills, not only to save himself and his new friends, but also to show him that he has indeed learnt a lot about his father’s trade.

While Arakawa Under the Bridge is a comedy, it also touches some of the more serious matters in life. Like Kou’s issues with his father, who never gave him the attention and love he needed, or Nino hinting towards coming from a broken home. All characters seem to have a background that leads them to living under the bridge in the end, but we never really get to know them. Sure, they tell a little about themselves now and then, but we never really know if it’s a lie or not. From the events we see though, they all seem happy with their lives, and wouldn’t want to trade their way of living with the one we call reality.

One can watch the series as it is, and see a bunch of colorful people running around, having almost no care in life, while teasing poor Kou until he becomes one of them. I’ve always seen Kou as the narrow-minded everyday guy though, who was raised to become what his father decided, not asking any questions, because he doesn’t know any better. He is the outsider among outsiders, and has to learn acceptance more than anything else at that point in his life. He is not used to people being different, or not even living in the city, like he always has.

The people around him are disturbing, and he tries his best to fight their system, because in his mind, it’s not right. His only gateway into their world is Nino, who is also just a lunatic in his mind. Right until he becomes a teacher, he does his best not to fit in, which only makes it harder for him to live under the bridge. As soon as he realizes that the people are actually very friendly, he decides to open his heart towards them, and even becomes one of them, which in the end improves his life.

If you are tired of the mainstream characters that seem to populate animes nowadays, take a step back in time to this little “old” gem, and dive into a world that makes no sense, but has so much more to offer than you might think.

Have you watched it already? What do you think about it? I’m looking forward to watching season 2 already, and will start doing that this week for sure 🙂