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Kakegurui – Review

It’s been a while since my last review or anime talk in general. It’s actually been pretty silent in that department ever since May, and I’m sorry for that. It’s not like I haven’t been watching any anime, but I’ve just been slooow with them. Anyway, Kakegurui has ended, and I want to write a short review, so here goes!

Kakegurui is a show about a high school, where it’s normal to gamble during the spare time of the students. We’re not talking silly little card games for a few pennies, but various elaborate games, where the students need to bet millions of Yen, their freedom, or even their lives. To control it all, there is a student council overseeing the student’s activities, and it’s also possible to challenge the members of the council.

Jabami Yumeko is new to the school, but not to gambling. After saving another student, Ryouta Suzui, from becoming livestock in the ranking system of the student council, it doesn’t take long for everyone to notice the new girl, and of course challenging her is their best greeting. It doesn’t matter what kind of game they challenge her to though, she is a master of seeing through their cheating, and even abusing their own rules in order for her to gain an advantage in the games they play.

She is a compulsive gambler though, and puts everything on the line, even if it means dragging her new friends into a dark hole with her, not only relying on their help, but also their money and lives. It doesn’t take long for her to get into a downwards spiral, becoming livestock herself, and the ridicule of the other students. Somehow though, it seems like this was her plan, as a student with the livestock rank can freely challenge anyone in the student council; even the president herself.

The overall idea of a school where the students gamble with even their parents money is quite fun and the games they make are very interesting. It feels a little weird for them to bet millions, and even billions of Yen though, as it’s sums that don’t seem to affect the students in many cases. When something else is on the line, it makes the games a lot more interesting. Now, let me spoiler a little though, so don’t read on if you haven’t watched the entire show yet, and still want to.

A thing I missed in the show was consequences. Something bad happening to the one who loses a game (aside from poor Kaede). With that I mean, that it would have been nice to see someone actually paying the money they owe the council or another student, or see those who bet their freedom actually get it taken away from them. I do understand, that the series only had 12 episodes to deal with, and a lot had to be crammed into them, thus making it impossible to show everything, but still. The ending also bothered me, because all the games were very elaborate and even had 2 episodes to show most of them, but the ending only had a few minutes going for it. I would have liked a more intriguing game to end it all, and a major consequence for the one to lose, but it all ends with things going on as usual, because of a draw.

Despite the very lackluster ending, I found the series to be very fun and exciting, and might even give the manga a go someday, to see what should have actually happened. I really liked the style of the anime, the many hentai faces, devilish expressions and weird characters, and would have loved to see more of them.

Inktober 2017

Sooo, I’ve decided to join Inktober this year! Not because I want to showcase great art made with ink, because I’m unable to produce something like that, but to get better at traditional media, and maybe get a more steady hand when drawing. I also want to try and be consistent, and hopefully learn from that experience, in order to use the things I learn in other contexts.

I went and read the official 2017 prompt list, and decided to try and stick to it, instead of coming up with stuff myself. Discipline I guess? Anyway, I bought a little package with 4 ink pens in different sizes, and will hopefully have learned how to properly use them by the end of the month. I then grabbed one of the sketchbooks I had lying around and never used, and started sketching my ideas for some of the prompts, as I tend to forget what I had in mind, or change my mind along the way. And it’s sooo hard!

As of right now, I have the first 13 days sketched out, and it took me 3 days to get the ideas. While some prompts are easy, like ‘poison’ for example, I had a really hard time coming up with something for ‘crooked’, and my boyfriend even helped me with ‘teeming’. I have so much work to do still, and this is a hard month for me to find time, because my boyfriend has vacation soon, and he doesn’t want to just sit at the table and wait for me to get done with a drawing. So… I’ll probably have to cheat, and draw the images I need to upload during his vacation beforehand, or else I’ll get stressed too much to do anything.

But hey, I chose Ghosty to be my model every day, which has both advantages and disadvantages. He’s fairly easy and quick to draw, which is the good part, but… the ideas I come up with have to fit into his world, which is the hard part. I usually go for a funny or lighthearted tone when drawing him, putting him into situations that are usually nerdy pop culture or everyday life (for anyone but him). Some of the prompts won’t always let me do that though, so it’s not only the ink that’s a bit darker this month, but also the overall theme. Or at least some times…

Anyway, we’re now 2 days in, so I’ve uploaded 2 images already. Swift and Divided were the first 2 prompts, and I did my best to try and depict them with Ghosty. While ‘swift’ was easy (I luuuuurve the Netflix series The Flash!), I struggled with ‘divided’, and am not 100% happy with the outcome. I won’t be happy with all of them anyway, so this is a feeling I’ll have to get used to during this month.

Okay, enough talk, I have to come up with more ideas as long as I have the time to do so, so yeah. Until next time, which will be a review of Kakegurui 🙂

From my Instagram.
From my Instagram.

So I hired a third retainer…

Welcome to my very first TRASH POST! This will not be about anything that’s really important to me, no useful info, and no talk about my crafting stuff. Or well, FFXIV crafting maybe…

Anyway, my mom dropped the news, that she’ll be moving from my stepdad, because she needs to find herself. If that ain’t the worst excuse ever for a stupid decision, then I don’t know what is! Alas, that’s not the reason of me making this post though, as the title suggests, because I just don’t have any words for it.

It did make me angry though, and when I’m angry, I make stupid decisions too. I’ve been playing with the thought of an extra retainer in FFXIV for a while now, because although I try my best to clean up the two I already have, it’s still not enough. I need marketplace space, and some bags to store all my materials and crafted stuff that I don’t need any more and just want to sell. So today I thought “Fuck it!”, went to Mog Station and read up on what it would require for me to get an extra retainer, if only for the rest of this month’s subscription period. I just need that extra space until I’m done crafting, but I can only keep crafting with that extra space.

There are 23 days left of this month’s subscription, so hiring a retainer would cost me 1,07€, and then 1,40€ for the next 30 days after that, if I decide to keep him around. I thought it was alright, and signed up for one extra retainer. Back in the game, I had to customize him, and yes, I made it a ‘him’. The other two I have are girls, so I wanted a male this time. And I wanted him to be sexy! I ended up making him look like a vampire kitty, which I thought was fun, and it was approved by the Sid Story circle chat on Line *lol*

In need of a personality, I made him carefree. What gave me a headache was having to name him though. Back in 2013 when I made my other two retainers, I could name them whatever I wanted, as no names were taken yet. Now, in 2017, it’s a little more difficult. Thinking about a vampire name, all I could come up with was Lestat, but it was, of course, taken. Bummer! Then I looked up vampire names on Google, but they all sounded like shit, or very generic…

“Oh, whatever, let’s try some weird shit!” was my thought after giving up on Google, and so I did…


My first reaction was a dropped jaw that went all the way down to the floor. Then I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off, and it took quite a while for me to get my act together again, and realize what I had done. It’s not like I expected the name to be available, I just typed it in because it usually helps find other names when I type in whatever shit that comes to mind. But, uhm, my vampire kitty is now named Deadpool, and he’s selling acid and other random stuff on Phoenix, so… If you see him, just buy whatever he’s selling, else he’ll come find Francis YOU!

I already love him though, and I don’t think I’ll be able to unsub him after these 23 days, or however long it might take me to reduce my pile of trash. We’ll see how it goes though… Now I can at least craft until I drop dead from the chair, which was exactly what I wanted!