an article about what royalty free means, and where you can find photos and other images for free

Royalty free images – What they are, and where to find them for free

We’ve all seen them, those sites that offer high resolution images for a small fee. Those are royalty free images, and the internet is full of them. But we don’t want to pay for an image, if we can get something similar for free, do we? If you do, then don’t read on, but… I […]

an article about everything you need to know about copyright and credit

Copyright and credit – What you need to know about both of them

Copyright and credit, it’s something we all know is very important, especially to ourselves, but what does it mean? Copyright means exactly what it says; the right to copy something. When you create a piece of work, let’s say a drawing, you want the copyright for yourself. You want yourself to be the only one […]

surveys have a bad reputation, but some are good for making money

Surveys – My experiences with them, and why I love them so much

Although it’s nothing new to me, I’m surprised every time someone thinks surveys are useless and a waste of time. It’s as if they have a bad reputation, just because some of them are bad, but that’s no good reason to shun them all, is it? Because I’ve had a lot of fun with them, […]

upcycling, recycling and downcycling, this article deals with the differences

Upcycling, Recycling, Downcycling – What is the difference?

In this day and age, where we are pretty darn good at using and throwing away, it gets more and more important to recycle. Luckily, it’s a very popular thing to do, and when more people start doing it, it helps the environment. On top of that, it’s cheaper to buy a used chair from […]

a list of annoying people in mmo games like world of warcaft and final fantasy

Annoying people in MMO’s… and how to avoid being one of them

I like playing MMO’s. It can be very fun and relaxing, if you play a good game with some nice people. But like everywhere on the internet, there are people who just want to ruin your day. Some might do it on purpose, while others simply don’t know how annoying they really are. Here is […]