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Tiny bits on the road

I realized that I was focusing a little bit too much on the stuff I haven’t been able to do or complete in my last post, and want to focus on what I have already done, and what I want to do in this post. Maybe to even out karma? Haha. Anyway, there is one negative thing… My package hasn’t arrived yet! The ball headed beadpins I ordered were all sold out, and it’s taking them some time to get them back. I could always just let them ship the other 44 items, but I really want those pins, so I told them I could wait. Now I’m waiting (im)patiently.

Oh, and some days ago, we had a little visitor in our home; a hedgehog. My boyfriend came home late after taking photos at the huge scout camp 2017, and rolled up in his jacket, he had a hedgehog that he ran into with the car by accident. It looked fine, but we kept it during the night, and planned to call the hedgehogs friends organization the next day, but that would prove to be unnecessary. I stayed up all night to babysit the little fella, and it was surely not injured at all, as it tried escaping the box we had made it a temporary home in, and was overall just pretty darn lively the whole night. We let it sleep during the day, and I kept an eye on it to see if it ate and drank, which it did, so we set it out the same evening, and when my boyfriend checked the next day, it was gone. I love hedgehogs, but darn, they are noisy! So cute though…

Staying up all night with the hedgehog meant playing a lot of FFXIV, and although I was tired as heck, I actually did manage to complete some old quests, and have been leveling both Dark Knight and Black Mage. Yesterday, I got a lot of help from my friend Y’neea, and completed all old trials on extreme. It was nice getting those quests out of my log, and now it’s about time to do the lvl 60 stuff I didn’t get to complete before taking my break. This means buying Stormblood today though, as I don’t want to miss out on important exp. I don’t have all battle classes on lvl 60 yet, but it’s okay, I’ll get around to it. My progress:


Lvl 50: PLD, WAR

Other lvl’s: SCH/SMN 55, BLM 57

I also got BTN and MIN to 60, and would really like some exp when gathering, so although not everything is lvl 60, I think it’s fine. Y’neea will help me with the content I need to catch up with, and because I’m new to it, she gets tomes for every run, which she needs. Win/win situation 😀

And then I got myself together and did my surveys. I don’t get money for all of them, as some give points instead, which I can then use to buy stuff with, which I have done in the past with YouGov. I signed up to a Danish service called M3Panel some months ago, and already have a lot of points. Looking at the stuff I could buy with them, I noticed a hammock, and when I showed it to my boyfriend, he got all determined on getting that thing. Now he wants to remove one of the bushes in the garden, and make some sort of pavilion for a hammock. That’s determination alright, though I can’t really get into my head how he wants to do that… Oh well, we’ll see.

Hm, well, to be honest, I seem to have actually completed nothing since my last post, haha! Although I did clean up my computer table in order to make bracelets and stuff when I queue for dungeons, so maybe that will change in the next few days. I also started watching Little Witch Academia on Netflix, since I really liked the movies. The series is full of new information and details, and seems to tell a slightly different story, so I’ll keep watching, and will review it here when done. Oh, and then there was my shop… I’m not one step further with it, and I feel ashamed. I am however, trying to decide what to put up for sale first, as it won’t be everything I have photos of right now. Like my tea cups for example, I won’t put them up for sale until I know how to properly package them for shipping. My goal is to have at least 20 items up by the end of August though, so I will get it done!

And the road urghs on

Yeah, urgh! Vacation time has been over for a week, and besides a birthday party in the family, nothing big has been going on that week. It still feels a bit like that vacation time though, where I got nothing done. I think I’m having one of those meh-phases, where nothing is fun, and nothing grabs my attention. I want to do so much stuff, but I get nothing done…

I was thinking, maybe it’s the fault of FFXIV. Maybe I play too much? But I actually don’t think that’s the case. It helps me release a lot of stress, and I have no issues logging off when I don’t feel like playing anymore. Also, I’m quite efficient, and get a lot done in no time, so it’s not like I need to log in every darn day, which I don’t.

I’m behind on everything else though. Mails, Instagram, and even surveys. Yes, I get money for surveys, but I often start them 1 or 2 days too late, and miss out on them, because at the time they roll in, I just don’t feel like it. It’s actually pretty stupid. And Instagram… I don’t know, it bores me, or at least to some extent. I still like to post an image on my Colorpieces account, but it requires me to actually create something, and I haven’t done that in a while, although I started on a necklace some days ago. I’m waiting on a package from Pandahall though, with tons of materials for various ideas I’ve had for a while, so maybe that will get me going? I hope so myself!

There are also the many photos from the product photoshoot. I’m not really satisfied with them, but they’re all I have, and I was at some point doing my best to make them look good, but that also just stopped. I should really get my act together and finish that project! At the birthday party last week, my mother in law started chatting with others about my jewelry shop, and I was just like “Yeah, about that…”. I felt lazy and really bad about myself.

My overall issue is though, that I have too many balls in the air. I still have Bakura and chapter 2 roaming around inside my head, but maybe I should just stop thinking about those, and get going with the thing people expect me to finish first; the shop. Not that I usually give a rats ass about what people expect of me, but I want this for myself, and I want to get it done before the summer is over! I WANT TO!!!

Dried flowers

It’s been 3 months since I put some flowers into a book to dry, and I opened it last week. I was a little nervous, because I wasn’t sure if the result was going to be any good, but I was relieved when I saw the flowers. They turned out really well, and even the leaves I put in there are still pretty. Drying flowers is fun, and my plan is to make bookmarks with them.

Because of summer vacation, meaning that both my boyfriend and our son are home, I’m not getting very far with the shop though, sadly. But I am still finding some time to create new jewelry, and I tried a new method some days ago. Now I’m creating bracelets with elastic cords and various beads and charms, and it’s so much fun! These will not be in the shop when I open though, same with my bookmarks, because I haven’t got any photos of them. I hope to open soon…

From my Instagram.
From my Instagram.

Other than that, not much has happened, but I just wanted to let you know that I am not dead, it’s just summer vacation time here. I do still play FFXIV when I can get to it though, and am doing pretty good with the time I have. Dragoon is almost at lvl 60, and then I’m going to level Ninja. Needless to say, that my plans of finishing Bakura and write chapter 2 of my book, didn’t really go anywhere 🙁