Surveys – My experiences with them, and why I love them so much

Although it’s nothing new to me, I’m surprised every time someone thinks surveys are useless and a waste of time. It’s as if they have a bad reputation, just because some of them are bad, but that’s no good reason to shun them all, is it? Because I’ve had a lot of fun with them, and actually got paid for my time.

Granted, one should not expect to get enough money to buy a boat by the end of the month, but if you want a little extra, and have time to kill anyway, I’d actually recommend creating an account on at least two or three sites that offer surveys, if not more.

Every country has their own sites that offer surveys for points and/or money though, so I can’t really make a list of the best ones, but I can give you the advice, to go look up the company that you want to sign up with, before you actually do so. Some sites might have reviews from users, and if they are positive, then go for it! If you are in doubt, you can always search for information directly on the site, as they usually state what kind of compensation they offer, and what you have to do to earn them. It’s usually just you getting a mail with a link to a survey though, and if you are qualified for it, it will give you money or points; according to the time it approximately takes people to answer all questions.

It’s recommended to answer honestly, as companies WILL evaluate your answers, and if you always just click whatever, you will most probably end up getting your account banned. Some companies even evaluate your answers before they pay you, so don’t cheat. Just… don’t. It’s dumb, and you won’t benefit from it in the end.

So, what kind of questions will you get? I usually get something about my interest in various new products, or how I tend to live my everyday life. Although rarely, I sometimes get very personal questions, and even though they are anonymous, I refuse to answer them out of my own personal choice. It’s always possible to ignore the survey, so don’t be afraid to do so if you don’t like the overall topic of the questions. I always close them right away, if the first question is something like ‘List all the airplane companies you can think of’, because oh gawd! I’ve never been on an airplane, and traveling is of absolutely no interest to me. Maybe you would love that question though?

You probably want to know how much money you can earn with these surveys now, don’t you? But I really can’t give you an answer to that question. It all depends on how many surveys you complete, and how much money the various sites pay you for your time. I usually get around 4 – 12$ a month though, and sometimes I get an extra 12$ from specific sites once every three months, as I’ve accumulated enough money for them to transfer it to me. It’s enough to pay my website bill once a year, and sometimes get to buy a product from a shop I like, because a site offered me points to do so, which is very nice.

If you’ve got a long bus ride to and from work or school every day, got time that is usually wasted on being bored, or just want to pass the time with something other than playing mobile games, I can surely recommend doing surveys. So throw your condemn over board, and try it out! It’s free, and you have nothing to lose 🙂

As stated above, it’s impossible for me to create a list everyone can use, but there are two sites that are pretty much global, so try them out if it’s possible to sign up in your country: – I really like Toluna, even though they have their bugs. It’s especially annoying when you open a survey on your phone, just for them to let you know afterwards, that it’s not possible to complete it on a mobile device. That survey will be gone forever, even when you log in at the PC. But you only need 20000 points to turn them into roughly 7$, which you can usually get once a month. The payout is very slow though, so don’t expect to spend that money within the next two months. You can however, spend your points on gift cards instead, if they offer some for your favorite shops. – You won’t earn any money here, but instead you get points, which you can use in their own shop. Shipping requires points too though, so expect to need more points than the product you want actually costs. Every completed survey gives you between 25 and 100 points depending on their lengths, and sometimes they are even split into two surveys, which you get 200 points for. Short surveys and required profile updates give you a chance to win in their lottery, where you can also bolster your chances by spending points on more coupons. And yes, it’s possible to win, that’s how we got our car, and I was just saving up points for a Moneyphant in their shop.

Got good or bad experiences with online surveys? I’d really love to hear your thoughts on them, so feel free to drop me a comment on this subject 🙂

Blogstöckchen / Tagged

I was tagged by LizzY with 11 questions I have to answer, and need to tag someone else with 11 new questions once I’m done. As the tagging is in German, I’ve posted both the original text, as well as an English translation. I hope no one minds 🙂

o1.) Wie bist du zu deinem Blog (oder der Idee dazu) gekommen?
Ich mochte die Idee schon immer, aber hatte Blogs immer nur als Nebenseiten zur eigentlichen Hauptseite, und daher kam ich nie wirklich dazu was vernünftiges zu machen. Da mein Leben sich aber im Laufe des letzten Jahres sehr verändert hat, ich keine Lust mehr auf eine Anime/Manga GFX Seite hatte, und auch nicht mehr auf Deutsch schreiben wollte, habe ich mich dazu entschlossen auf Englisch zu bloggen, und zwar über alles was mich interessiert. So kam ich dazu XD

How did you get into blogging (or how did you get the idea for it)?
I’ve always liked the idea, but only ever had blogs as a side project to my actual websites, and thus never really got around to do anything useful with them. As my life has changed over the past year, I don’t really feel like having an anime/manga graphics site, and didn’t want to write in German anymore, I decided to blog about anything I want in English. That’s how I got into blogging XD

o2.) Worüber schreibst oder bloggst du am liebsten?
Am liebsten mag ich es über Sachen zu schreiben, wovon andere Leute auch was haben. Infoposts, Reviews und Tutorials mag ich gerne schreiben, und davon habe ich schon so einiges fertig, was ich im Laufe der Zeit veröffentlichen werde :3

What do you like to write or blog about the most?
I like to write about stuff that useful to other people. Infos, reviews and tutorials are what I like to write, and I have a few of such posts done and ready for the future :3

o3.) Welcher Film-/Buch-/Comic-Charakter beschreibt dich am besten?
Hm, schwer… Ich glaube Bastian Balthazar Bux. Ein etwas nerdiger Junge der nur Frieden in seiner eigenen Welt findet, dort aber auch alles machen kann was er will. So beschreibt mich mein Freund manchmal, und zudem mag ich Die Unendliche Geschichte total gerne!

What movie/book/comic character describes you the best?
Hm, that’s hard… I think Bastian Balthazar Bux. A bit of a nerdy boy who only finds peace in his own world, and can do what he wants to there. That’s how my boyfriend sometimes describes me, and I’m also in love with The Neverending Story!

o4.) Welches ist dein Lieblings-Zitat?
Beurteile ein Buch nicht nach seinem Umschlag.
Davon könnte jeder meiner Meinung nach was lernen!

What is your favorite quote?
Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Everyone could learn from that I think!

o5.) Gibt es eine Art Philosophie, nach der du lebst? (z.B. dass man nie im Streit auseinandergehen sollte?)
Fange täglich so viele Pokémon wie möglich! Nein, natürlich meine ich das nicht ernst. Und ich glaube so lebe ich auch, also dass ich alles nicht so verdammt ernst nehmen will. Ich bleibe im Herzen ein Kind, weil die selbsternannten Erwachsenen stinklangweilig sind. Bei Feiern sässe ich auch am liebsten am Kindertisch, aber ich darf das nicht mehr… Sagen die Erwachsenen.

Do you have a life philosophy to live by?
Catch as many Pokémon as possible every day! No, I’m obviously not serious about that. And I think that’s how I live, that I don’t want to take everything so darn serious. I will stay a child at heart, because those self-announced grown-ups are so darn boring. I’d rather sit at the children’s table at parties, but I’m not allowed to anymore… according to the grown-ups.

o6.) Entscheide schnell: Hose oder Kleid/Rock? Tee oder Kaffee? Schokolade oder Gummikrams?
Hose. Tee. Schokolade. Das war doch gar nicht schwer 🙂

Pick fast: Pants or dress/skirt? Tea or coffee? Chocolate or winegums?
Pants. Tea. Chocolate. That wasn’t so hard 🙂

o7.) Angenommen, ein Dementor (Harry Potter) greift dich an und du bist in Besitz eines Zauberstabs – mit welcher glücklichen Erinnerung stärkst du deinen Patronus-Zauber?
Ich hab doch null Ahnung von Harry Potter! Viele glückliche Erinnerungen fallen mir auf der Schnelle auch nicht ein, aber ich sage mal den ersten Kuss!

Let’s say a Dementor (Harry Potter) attacks you, and you own a wand – with what happy memory will you make your spell stronger?
I know nothing about Harry Potter! I can’t think of many happy memories that quickly, but let’s say the first kiss!

o8.) An welchem Ort kannst du so richtig schön die Seele baumeln lassen?
An keinem. Jedenfalls jetzt gerade nicht. Hoffentlich kann ich bald “Auf der Terrasse” sagen XD

At what location are you able to completely relax?
Nowhere. At least not right now. Hopefully I can soon answer “On my terrace” XD

o9.) Welches ist dein liebstes Reiseziel (egal ob bereits besucht oder Wunsch) und warum?
Berlin! Ich war da schon mit der 10ten Klasse, aber es war so ein Reinfall! Wir haben kaum was gesehen, da die Schüler bei der wir wohnten keine Lust dazu hatten, weil sie ja selbst täglich alles sehen. Ich möchte das gerne nachholen, und zwar in aller Ruhe 🙁

Where would you like to go (doesn’t matter if you’ve already been there or not), and why?
Berlin! I was there during my 10th grade school trip, but it was such a letdown! We barely saw anything, because the students we stayed at didn’t want to go anywhere, as they see everything every day anyway. I’d like to catch up with that, and be in no hurry 🙁

10.) Wenn du eine frei wählbare Superkraft / Fähigkeit erhalten könntest, welche würde das sein?
Fliegen! Nicht mehr zur Erde gebunden zu sein, oder von Autos, Busse und Schiffe. Das wäre mal was!

If you could have any super power of choise, which would it be?
Flying! Not being bound to the earth anymore, or to cars, busses or ships. That would be something!

11.) Was möchtest du auf jeden Fall noch erleben?
Das Gefühl der Freiheit. Das tun zu können wozu ich Lust habe, ohne Angst und ohne Regeln die es mir verbieten. Einfach mal leben!

What would you definitely want to experience?
The feeling of freedom. To be able to do what I want, without having to be scared or bound by rules that forbid me to do so. Just to be alive!

Phew, that was a lot of questions! I’m sorry for making you wait LizzY ;u;
I’ll now tag Shiranui and Satsuki (hohoho)! Answer the following questions on your blog, and tag up to 3 people with 11 questions of your own 🙂

1. Was magst du am liebsten; bloggen oder webseiten basteln?
2. Welche Haustiere hast/hattest du mal?
3. Welches dieser Tiere findest du am niedlichsten: Eulen, Bären oder Delfine?
4. Was würdest du tun, wenn das Internet für 7 Tage weg wäre?
5. Welche Jahreszeit magst du am liebsten, und warum?
6. Welches deiner Hobbys widmest du am meisten Zeit?
7. Wenn du nur Platz für 1 App auf deinem Handy hättest, welcher würdest du behalten, und warum genau dieser?
8. Welchen Film hast du zuletzt im Kino gesehen?
9. Schau aus dem Fenster, und sag mir wie du dich beim Anblick des Wetters fühlst?
10. Würdest du lieber zu einem Konzert deiner Lieblingsband gehen, oder auf dem roten Teppich deinen Lieblingsschauspieler sehen?
11. Wo siehst du dich selbst in 2 Jahren?

1. What do you like the most; to blog, or create websites?
2. What pets do/did you have?
3. Which of these animals do you think is cutest: Owls, bears or dolphins?
4. What would you do, if the internet was gone for 7 days?
5. What season do you like the most, and why?
6. Which of your hobbies do you spend the most time on?
7. If you only had space for 1 app on your phone, which one would you keep, and why exactly this one?
8. What movie did you last watch in the cinema?
9. Look out the window and tell me, how does the weather make you feel?
10. Would you rather go to the concert of your favorite band, or to the Red Carpet to watch your favorite moviestar?
11. Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

Viel Spass! / Have fun! 🙂

Sir Arthur Corgi Doyle

As promised, here’s my dog post! It’s been a week since we picked him up, and he’s doing so fine. It’s a struggle finding time for my other hobbies right now, so bear with me if I can’t write that often these first weeks. Anyway, he’s our little Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup, his name is Arthur, and he is one tiny bundle of pure energy! Seriously, I only get to do something when he’s sleeping, but the good thing is though, that he sleeps just about anywhere… except in his bed.

It’s a struggle to get him clean though, as he really likes to pee and poo inside, where it’s nice and warm. We try to catch him while doing his business, but he’s so fast, it’s almost impossible. When my boyfriend takes him for a walk, he sometimes does his business outside, but when I do, he only pees, and then wants to play. I take it we won’t get him clean until after we’ve moved, as we’ll have better options of letting him go outside. I just hope he won’t be too old to learn it by then. But until then, we clean the floor every 5 minutes *sigh*

He’s getting used to his name, and often reacts when we call him. He is also learning not to bite us, as it hurts a lot with his small sharp teeth. A loud and sharp “No!” usually stops him from biting whatever he’s sinking his teeth into, but when he’s all pumped up, he doesn’t listen. Today, he bit my thumb bloody while playing and I gave him a good old scolding. His facial expression obviously showed regret, and he walked slowly into the kitchen to cool off. 5 minutes later, he came back to play, but didn’t bite anymore. I guess that was a success? We’ll see when he wakes up…

Overall, I think it’s all fine, and that we’ll get him clean at some point in the future. Right now, he’s just so excited about everything and everyone he sees; it must be hard for him with all the inputs. He settled down here surprisingly fast though, especially when thinking about the breeder telling us he was mommy’s little boy. I expected him to miss her and his siblings, and stay in the bed with the towel we got from his past home. But nope, he doesn’t care about neither bed nor towel, he just wants daddy’s old stinking socks, lots of bellyrubs, and some company when he’s eating.

Of course he has his own Instagram account, where both my boyfriend and I upload photos of his adventures and lazy times in bed… Our bed. And that’s where you’ll find news about him, as I don’t want to spam Corgi posts here 🙂

From Arthur’s Instagram.
From Arthur’s Instagram.
From Arthur’s Instagram.

As I’ve got tagged last week, my next post will be about all the questions I was asked 🙂

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