iZombie – First impressions / Review

You know those lazy evenings, where you’re just sitting around, and nothing is on TV? Yeah, we had one of those yesterday. The heat was boiling our heads, and we zapped through all channels twice, with no luck. Then my boyfriend asked, if there was anything on Netflix. The first thing that met my eyes when I opened their app, was a newly added series called iZombie, and I read the description out loud. It sounded funny enough, so we gave it a shot. Now, 4 episodes later, I’m kind of hooked, and want to leave my thoughts about the series here. It’s a review, so no spoilers.

We meet Olivia, a young woman who is attending a boat party, a bit unwillingly. She will soon enough regret having been there, as a zombie outbreak turns the party into a massacre, yet leaves her alive… or should I say, half-dead? A fellow party guest befallen by the disease scratches her arm before she falls into the water, and she wakes up in a body bag on the beach.

6 months later, we see her being all pale, having no hair color, and her pulse is down to 10 beats per minute. On top of that, she broke up with her fiancée, because she is afraid of turning him into a zombie, just like herself. Now working in a morgue, she often finds a spare brain to eat, which helps her stay sane, and not turn into a mindless monster, like the zombies we know from movies and series nowadays. Her boss though, Dr. Ravi, finds out about her appetite for brains, but doesn’t seem concerned about it at all. As a matter of fact, he wants to study her, and eventually find a cure.

It’s not all that easy though, as many of the bodies they get in the morgue are victims of murder, and Olivia can see the things they experienced when they were still alive, after eating parts of their brain. Although she can’t control when she sees something, and what exactly she sees, it’s enough to give clues as to who the person was, and who killed them. Clive, a detective working at the Seattle Police Department, makes good use of her abilities, and solves one murder case after the other with her help.

Things become nasty when the party guest who scratched her arm shows up though, as he is not as nice as he wants others to believe. Olivia doesn’t trust him, as she sees him dealing with shady humans in a back alley, and it turns out he is a brain dealer, and willing to turn others into zombies for his own benefits. Of course, they become enemies, as Olivia is working for the police, and he is a criminal who is not easy to catch. Both being zombies means nothing to her, as all she wants is to help people, not kill or turn them.

This is a thing she sometimes forgets though, as eating someone’s brain partly turns her into that person, as she is taking over their personality traits. It only lasts as long as the brain is in her system, or until she eats another person’s brain, but it’s enough to mess her up, and her family starts wondering what is wrong with her, making her everyday life as a secret zombie harder than it already is.


While the pilot episode was a very good start to this comic-like series, I would have wished for Clive to question Olivia a bit more, instead of believing her psychic abilities from the very start. I expected him to be the ally whose trust would be hard to earn, and maybe even the one who’d cause trouble for her. Kind of like the relationship between James Doakes and Dexter Morgan, in the Dexter series. But then again, the series might not be strong enough yet, to harbor more than one villain, as it just started off.

Without knowing much about the characters yet, it’s maybe too early to complain about Clive, as there might be a reason for him to be so quick on the trigger around a psychic woman. I have yet to watch the rest of the season, but I hope this will get some attention at a later point.

As for the other characters, it’s very hard not to like them. I especially find the crazy weird Dr. Ravi to be very funny, and maybe even the comic relief of the series. Blaine, the other party guest and zombie, is a very sleek and cunning villain, the exact opposite of Olivia, and thus the perfect character to hate for everything he does. And boy, do I hate him! I even like to hate him, which just makes him the perfect villain in my eyes, and a very nice addition to the story.

Even though I’ve only watched the first 4 episodes, I really want to recommend this series to anyone who likes a bit of dark and weird humor, comic-like fantasy, and of course; zombies. If anyone has watched the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, they might recognize some aspects of it in iZombie, as Olivia’s struggle to accept her zombie life, while still wanting to be a human, is very much the same as the part where Kaneki Ken needs to accept himself being a ghoul.

Have you started watching this show yet, or do you want to? 🙂

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To rebuild, or not to rebuild… Is that even the question?

As an Evangelion lover, I’m frequently looking for info on when the last movie will be released, and if there is anything new like trailers or screenshots. Of course, up until now I haven’t found any useful information on the release, other than some sites saying it’ll be out this year, while others are guessing 2017. Either is fine with me, as long as I get to watch it before I die.

Anyway, that’s not the core point of this post. It’s what I find instead of release info that bugs me enough to even write this. I am well aware, that the third movie takes a twist in a new direction, and that many fans are not too happy about it. But god damn, can’t they just stop quarreling about it already? I mean, the story isn’t over until the last movie has been released, and we know what happened while Shinji was in his personal little dreamland, so why get angry now?

I have watched the original series, and End of Evangelion was a very nice ending to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only ending. Just think about how Gainax had to struggle with budget cuts during the making of the original series, and how it didn’t help Anno with his depression. He was forced into making a new series, and boy did he do just that! It was very controversial and violent for its time though, so the budget was cut out of fear of a failure, and Anno didn’t get to move in the direction he originally wanted, as there simply wasn’t enough money for it.

While Neon Genesis Evangelion is absolutely great, it wasn’t what Anno had in mind. I don’t have to mention how big of a hit it became though, do I? This is why he was given the chance to give the series a proper ending, by creating End of Evangelion. After many years of being one of the most popular anime series ever created, it has been given another chance to shine, and this time Anno has the budget to create the story he once wanted to.

Do keep in mind that the man isn’t under the influence of a depression anymore, and maybe his vision of the story has changed over the years. Yet, it’s still HIS story, and we should respect him for even wanting to work on such a massive project once again. Let’s just wait and see what he has in store for us, when the final movie has been released, and we’ve given it time to work on our minds.


On top of that, it’s named ‘Rebuild’ for a reason. It’s not a remake, but a continuation of the original series, hence why the first movie starts off where End of Evangelion left us hanging. They are all titled in a way you can interpret how you want. You can (not) redo. The (not) is up to us to understand as we want. I think Shinji CAN redo, and that is exactly what he is doing right now. The first 2 movies are almost an exact repeat of his earlier life, but because he chose to act differently, the third movie takes a turn we could never have expected. We can’t predict what will happen in the end at all, and therefore I think it’s way too early to judge the whole Rebuild movie series already.

I refuse to compare Neon Genesis Evangelion with the new Rebuild of Evangelion, which lets me enjoy them as 2 different series with the same core. To me, it’s like life itself. If I could relive my life, would I make the same decisions? Most probably not, either because I don’t know I’m reliving my life, or because I found a decision to be bad in my former life. The butterfly effect causes a different action to produce a different outcome, and I think that’s what Shinji is going through right now.

It also seems like Kaworu is the only one who knows what is going on, and still accepts Shinji for who he is, and what he does, because he fell in love with him many years ago. Their relationship might not be that kind of love we all expect from a couple, but there is no denying the chemistry between them… again. Granted, Kaworu was killed in the original series, and shouldn’t be able to remember anything in his new life, just like the Rei clone, which he once said he had a lot in common with. But he was cloned by Seele, which is german for soul, leading me to believe, that his soul itself lived on. With him being an angel, who can say for sure, that his death is the same as a humans? Wouldn’t it be possible for his soul to return to his newly cloned body in the future, and watch over Shinji from the moon? In the third movie he also told Shinji, that they would meet again. Will he show up in the last movie, or did he mean that history will repeat itself once more?

I could go on like this for a long time, but I won’t, as we all have our own opinion on this series, the characters, and how it all works. I just wanted to let out some steam, because all those people who dis the movies before they are even over really need to just wait for the ending, and THEN they can say whatever they want about the whole thing. I’m (im)patiently waiting for the last movie, because I want to know what happens before I judge the rebuild. I like it so far though, and think Anno is doing a good job. Now dear Anno; finish it!

What’s your opinion on this matter? Am I just being oversensitive? Isn’t Kaworu just the greatest angel ever to walk on God’s Earth? Erhm… Forget the last one 😀

Going to the cinema is not always fun

You guessed it! We went to watch Kung Fu Panda 3 this weekend, and it was great. I can only recommend the movie. You’d have to watch the previous 2 movies first though, as the third one refers a lot to them. But that’s not what I want to write about today. Actually, it wasn’t my plan to write about this topic at all, as I had something else in mind for today, but since this is a blog, writing down my thoughts is part of the job.

Don’t we all know them? Those people who can’t behave when going to the cinema, and ruin the experience for everyone else. Yeah, I bet you have met some of them, if not many, because they seem to be at every movie. Here is my list of annoying cinemagoers, where you might recognize some ugly behavior… or maybe not. Lucky you then!

Let me kick your chair for you: This was one of the types I met in an almost empty cinema this weekend. Okay, I get that it can be quite uncomfortable to sit in those chairs after a while, and when repositioning your bum, you might end up with your foot in the seat in front of you. It can happen… once. When it happens twice, you’re just being a jerk. When it happens 3 – 10 times though, you need to seriously consider leaving the movie, and go stretch your legs elsewhere, because this is the time when I’m about to turn around and break your ankle.

Let me make sure you heard what I said: The same guy, who kicked my seat, was also in this category. It’s okay to talk during a movie, if you do it real quiet, and as little as possible. If you want to talk normally, and even repeat everything that is being said and done in the movie, wait for it to come out on DVD, and go be a jerk in your own living room. Seriously, it’s like people talking on the phone on the bus; no one wants to be forced to listen to your boring conversation!

I just need to check Facebook: No you don’t. Keep that phone in your pocket, and don’t touch it until the movie is over. People who start checking their phones should either leave the darn thing in the car, or stay at home where the light from the screen doesn’t bother anyone. What’s up with not being able to just stay off the dead cold thing for 1 – 2 hours? Is it really so important to like the picture of Jessica’s newly done nails? If it is, you should have joined her in the nail salon, instead of going to watch a movie you’re not even watching anyway.

I can’t leave the kids home alone: Yes, you actually can, if you get someone to watch them. I’ll never lose enough brain cells to understand the parents who bring their small kids to a movie that was not meant for their eyes, and then let them talk and cry during the whole film, because they are either bored or scared. If you really want to go watch that new horror movie, but can’t get someone to look after your precious little brat, you just don’t go watch it. It’s as simple as that, and believe me, it’s better for the kid not to go.

Of course, there are a lot more things which can annoy you while wanting to watch a movie, like the 2 meter tall guy who has an afro under the hat, and just HAS to sit in front of you. But these are the ones that irk me the most, because their behavior is just plain rude, and they could actually do something about it if they wanted to.

We all paid for the ticket and just want to have a good time watching a movie, so why do some people always have to ruin the experience for others? I just don’t get it. I’d love to watch more movies on the big screen, but since it’s usually such a pain in the bum, I’d rather just stay at home, and wait for the DVD to come out.

Do you agree with me, or are you strong enough to not let such people bother you? Got something to add? I’d love to know 🙂

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