Devilman Crybaby – Review

Since my YouTube feed started bombarding me with videos about this series, I decided to just go for it and watch it on Netflix. I binge watched all 10 episodes yesterday, and although I had time to think about what to write today, I still don’t really know what words to use. But let’s start off with a summary of the plot.

Akira is a normal boy going to high school, who runs with his friends for sport and games, until he meets his old childhood friend Ryo. He asks the boy to come with him to a Sabbath party, which is the new hip thing, and supposedly the place to summon demons. At the party though, they meet people who go wild on the dancefloor, have sex in every corner, and take pills that make them go even crazier. Akira swallows one of these pills, and starts feeling sick, at which point Ryo breaks a bottle and starts stabbing people, because if you want to summon a demon, you have to spill blood.

And it works. People start turning into demons, and eat each other. Just as Akira is about to get eaten though, he turns into a demon himself, and shreds the party to pieces with his new powers. Instead of becoming a fully fletched demon though, he still has his human heart, and thus is able to control his powers, to the delight of Ryo. The two boys now set out to destroy the demons that torment humans, but there is always the risk of being exposed, and some demons are actively seeking the one who possesses Akira, as he is not unknown to them.

Hiding his new self is not an easy task, and as demons start closing in on him through family and friends, Akira has to take matters into his own hands, and not only rely on Ryo, who seems a bit shady anyway. What seemed to only be a battle between humans and demons quickly turns into something way bigger than anyone could imagine, or even handle.

Now, I want to keep this review spoiler free, so I’ll only drop a few words about my opinion. First off; it’s filled with blood, sex, gore, and heavy violence, so don’t watch it if you’re not up for that. Although it does suit the story, I think it’s sometimes too much, and the time would have been better spent on either character development or story, as it has some unanswered questions, and other than Akira, I didn’t get to feel anything for the other characters. I would also have liked to get to know some of the demons better, as there were obviously some that were more relevant than others.

In the end, it felt like 10 episodes were not enough. Although the overall story is being told well, and you get what it’s all about, it needs some spice. I haven’t read the original manga, and probably never will, so I’ll just take it as a stand-alone anime series, and it didn’t really deliver the experience I was hoping for when I was done with the first episode. Yet, it still gives food for thought, and if you don’t mind the heavy violence and sex scenes, then you should give it a try.

Castrum Meridianum

No, that’s not some Harry Potter spell, it’s a dungeon in FFXIV that should be as easy as wiping your own butt. But sadly, both this one and Praetorium seem to be the hardest fucking dungeons in the entire game. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with people, but even veteran tanks seem to think they can skip the search lights… Yes, you read that right; they try to skip the motherfucking search lights!

And I’ve had it! I’ve simply had it with those dumbfuck tanks! I even asked those retards if they were dense, straight up. And I got no answer, nor did they even come back to pull the mobs in front of the search light, which I told them could not be skipped, before calling them dense. My best guess is that they were French players, because quite frankly, I’ve never met worse players in this game. Not even the bloody Italian shitbags doing PvP in old WoW can be compared to the French idiots I’ve met in FFXIV.

So I left the dungeon. Not only because of the above mentioned incident, but also because the tanks pulled without healers before the first boss and caused a near wipe. One of the healers was new, and they couldn’t just pull half of it to be nice. Probably because they were asshats. In my defense though, it’s only the second time since I started back in 2013 that I’ve left with a penalty. My first time was as a healer in The Vault, where the tank ran away from both me and the DPS right from the get-go, which caused us to wipe 30 seconds in, and it made me snap.

Now I’m thinking, if they are just literal assholes, or if they checked the wrong languages. It’s possible to choose any of the 4 languages in the game; Japanese, French, English and German, and I know many people just check all of them to get into dungeons faster. But how does that help, when you fuck the whole team by doing so? Especially if you don’t know shit about tactics, and can’t understand shit what the others are saying. I only have English and German checked, and when I meet only those 2 languages in my group, I never have a problem.

I was in Castrum earlier this week, and the main tank was also one of those dense Frenchmen, who didn’t know what he was doing, and didn’t take any advice from other players, one of which was a very patient little healer named Ellie (a nice mentor for once). She really did her best trying to explain to him what to do, and then at the final boss, this dense motherfucker writes in the translator “French language”… … … That’s all you have to say you idiot? And at the final boss even? When we were done, I thanked Ellie and 2 DPS who were also patient and helpful for the run, and then I left.

Castrum is a lvl 50 main scenario dungeon. It’s from the very first instalment of the game. If no new players are in the party, everyone should know what to do. If a new player is in the party, everyone should support him/her, and not act like monkeys. Search lights can’t be skipped!!! That’s basically all you have to know in this dungeon. If you try to skip them anyway, you’re a dense shit with no shred of a brain left between your ears.

It had to be said.

And to be political correct, because that’s totally in these days; by mentioning dense French and Italian people in FFXIV and WoW, I don’t mean that every darn player from France and Italy is like that. It’s just a thing that I’ve noticed, and I’m by far not the only one. So calm your tits and move on. Or get better at the games and learn some English. Either is fine with me.

On a lighter note, I noticed that I don’t need my third retainer anymore. I’ve sold most of my materials, and am almost done sorting out what I don’t need anymore. This is because I hit lvl 60 with all crafting classes, and made all normal recipes up until the 1 star ones (I hate star recipes, okay?). But instead of unsubbing him, I started doing something I’ve wanted to for some years now; craft furniture. This means going back to old low lvl materials of course, and since I’m a cheap Scrooge when it comes to in-game currencies (any game really), I gather most of it myself. I only buy stuff if it’s really cheap at a vendor or on the market, or if I can’t get it myself quickly enough, like with those bloody Ahriman Tears, ugh.

My boyfriend has been sick this week, so I’ve been playing quite a lot, even on his day off, because he was just sleeping all day. I can’t concentrate when he’s home, and don’t get any of the usual stuff done, so yeah… I’ve been making furniture, and filled my retainer with stuff like that. Most of it is barely worth the materials I used on the craft itself, but I do get to put some goodies on the market, and am doing really great.

I hope next week will be back to normal though, because I have some stuff that I really want to get done, but I need peace and quiet for it.

Mushishi – Review

I finally got around to watching the last few episodes of Mushishi, and it was goooood! I’m definitely going to watch Zoku Shou too, but let me review this before I go on to watch more.

Mushishi might not be a series for everyone, but if you’re one of those who are tired of flashy rainbow colors, high pitched voices and fancy soundtracks, you might want to give this a watch. It’s a supernatural series about beings called mushi, which are neither plants, animals or human, but they sure have a huge impact on the world. They can be compared to small ghosts with various abilities, which affect their surroundings in different ways. Not all people can see them, but some of those who can become mushi-shi, who gather information about the beings to better understand them, and also to help the people who get infected by malicious mushi.

One of these mushi-shi is called Ginko, a white haired man with only one eye in the color of teal. While he’s calm and friendly, his past is shrouded in mystery, and not much is known about it, if anything at all. As he wanders to the places he is being called to, he both discovers new mushi, but also treats people for already well-known mushi, making him a person many put their trust in, and sometimes call again when they need further help. He seems mostly interested in gathering information about them, rather than just killing them off though, and since not all people want his help, and instead accept the effects of some mushi, he consents to that too, if it causes no harm to the people around them.

Every episode tells its own little story, and we even get to know small details about Ginko along the way, by either having an episode revolve around his past, or people knowing him from earlier days. While there is no red thread going through all the episodes, it still feels consistent because of Ginko’s way of just wandering from place to place. The happenings do intensify during the last few episodes though, and some loose ends are being tied up.

Mushishi is not only about the mushi though, as the characters introduced in every episode grow on you, and their stories about death, sadness, love and peace play a big part in how Ginko decides to help them. The soothing opening sets a perfect tone for the series, and I actually missed it during the episodes where it was being skipped for more story time. While the colors are toned down, the screen always lightens up when a mushi is around, which make them seem magical and elusive. Everything just fits together in its own kind of way, and it even has its funny little moments.

Give it a try 🙂

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