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The road has no end

I’m running out of ideas for the update titles, haha! Anyway, during May, I put the posting of my entries on auto to get some more time for myself, which is why there were a lot of entries. Did it work then? Well, yes, but my mom sure knew how to ruin both my time and mood during many of those “free” days, and my boyfriend didn’t have the time to help me with product photos, so I didn’t get all the stuff done I had planned. I did get SOME things done though, so it’s time for an overall update!

First of all, I made my old Instagram account private, so all the images I linked from there are of course gone. I went and replaced them, but the quality is not that good when uploading the images for some reason. I’ve tried some of the tips I found on various sites, but nothing helped. So bear with those photos being a bit blurry, as it doesn’t seem like I can do anything. My creative Instagram account will always be open for everyone, so I’ll keep linking from there. And if I some day decide to delete it or something, well… Then I’m fucked! 😀

So what else happened? Well, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 early last month, and it was awesome! On the creative part though, not much has happened. I did learn how to bind books using glue, and got a package with materials for bookmarks and such, but that’s about it.

From my Instagram.
From my Instagram.

For everyone who is on Instagram, I’ve got some good news though! I started a contest where you can win a bottle charm filled with tiny seashells! The winner will be able to customize the bottle before I ship it to them. Up until now, not many have entered though, so if you want to, be sure to check it out over on Instagram!

I’ve also completed chapter 1 of my book, and am working on chapter 2, which is already half done. It takes up a lot of time and energy to write though, so I’m only moving forward really slowly. On the same topic, I’ve been thinking about the cover of my book, as I’ve been very nervous about that. Looking at a lot of horrible book covers though, I’m quite confident that I’ll be able to do a decent job on that part. I’m not sure whether to use photos or a drawing though, but I have plenty of time to find out.

Talking about drawing… I actually did a piece last week that wasn’t for fun, or some OC from my book. I could show the sketch, but I’d rather not, since I want to actually complete it in Inkscape. It’s a headshot of Bandit King Bakura in profile, which I did because a friend really likes him, and I found no good prints on Redbubble with him. It also helped a lot that I’m a Bakura fan myself, though more into Yami Bakura. I actually wanted for it to be printed on a shirt for her to wear, but she says she’s not confident enough to wear a fanshirt. AWWW! *sob* I still want to complete it though, and maybe I’ll upload it to Redbubble and Society6 for others to use.

I’ve made some small changes here and there, which no one probably noticed. The linkage buttons now have the new logo, and so do the standard avatars. The pages Credits and For me have been deleted, but the content can be found on the main About page now instead. I just saw no reason to have pages with little to no content. I doubt anyone would be looking for it, but the page for my collection has now been made private, as I actually just made it for myself to keep track. I also updated my Ko-fi profile, because I never liked the text I wrote there in the first place. It’s just easier to make a profile once you’ve played around with the site for a while. Lastly, I’ve changed the Etsy button to a Storenvy button. My shop is not up yet, but since both of them have no products, I’d rather link the one I’m gonna update soon, instead of the one I left to die in the desert of loneliness.

But yeah, that’s all that has happened. Right now I just want to complete chapter 2 and Bakura, as these are things I can do myself. I hope my boyfriend finds the time to help me with the photos for the shop I wanted to open back in April, or at least leave the camera adjusted and ready for me to play with. It’s gonna be a busy month though, so maybe I’ll complete nothing at all 😀

The road is long

Yes, it’s time for a random update post about stuff I’ve completed, and stuff I am still reaching towards! First of all; I’ve made a lot of bookmarks. Like… A LOT! It’s so much fun, even though it takes up a lot of time. I think I’ve made enough for now though, as I have no idea where to put them all. Maybe I should start looking for a box of a bigger size than what I have now when visiting flea markets? Yeah, I’ll do that.

From my Instagram.
From my Instagram.
From my Instagram.

This should also be the month where I open my Storenvy! My boyfriend ordered a lightbox last month, and it should arrive within the next 1-2 weeks. He’ll then help me with some product photos, and I should get started on creating some listings. It would be impossible to get all my stuff up within just a few days though, so I’m thinking about taking a little bit of everything for a start, in order to showcase what I have, and what is to be expected in the future.

What I already have created though, are products on Redbubble and Society6. 12 Ghosty designs have found their way onto both accounts, and it’s now possible to buy various products with the little fellow. This also means that I have changed the shop page here on the blog, as I want it to be more prominent on mobile devices. While the position in the menu doesn’t matter that much on a PC, it sure makes a difference on a smartphone! It’s now at the very top of the drop-down menu, and I hope it helps in terms of visibility. Ghosty would sure love to see the world!

Now that I’ve completed a lot, and have plans for the near future, I’ve started thinking some more about that button machine. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I really want one! I love buttons, and I’d like to create my own, not only for sales purposes, but also for personal benefits, as well as helping others. Helping others? Yes, I would like to offer button press services to others, where it’s possible to order small amounts for re-sale at cons or online shops, instead of having to buy large quantities at a professional press shop for a lot of money. Money that artists starting up a shop or booth don’t have. So yeah, that is my FAR future goal, because a button press of good quality is expensive. I’m going for a 1.25” model for about 400$ (with circle cutter and pieces for 500 buttons), and every cent I can collect on my PayPal will be saved up to reach this goal… after I’ve paid for hosting of course *sob*

That’s it for now! So what do you think? Can I get a button machine if I work hard enough? I sure hope my Storenvy is going to be successful, and that my dear Ghosty will find some nice homes around the world. Oh, I’m also planning new designs for him, and am open to new ideas if you have special wishes 🙂

Bookmarks! And other stuff

I finally got around to completing the many bookmarks I started a while ago, haha! And I’ve even started making more, because why not? Also, I just tried some watercolor painting for the first time, and it was fun! Of course, I intend to make bookmarks out of those too, because I want to make other stuff than just anime bookmarks.

From my Instagram.

This leads me to the next thing I want to write today, as I’m revamping my old @Colorpieces account, just as I wanted to. I’m now posting everything creative on there, instead of my other account, which I want to keep a little more random. I also closed down the Ghosty account, as he will show up on the Colorpieces account instead. How do you like the new logo? It’s gonna show up here some day as well.

While all this got done, I haven’t done much else though. My plan was to have my Storenvy up and running next week, but it’s just not gonna happen. My photos turn out horrible, and I don’t like sitting at the PC at all. While it’s a lot more silent than before, it’s still making weird noises, and that’s probably how it will stay. No one other than me can hear the fan make clicking noises, so it can’t be fixed.

So yeah, while I do get a lot of stuff done, it feels kind of useless, as I can’t do much with it. I should probably call the store that built the PC, but they are just as tired of this as I am, and they can’t hear any noise, so I feel kind of stupid and pretty alone with my headache… Besides, they’ve already gone out of their way to try and help.

On a positive note; I’ve saved up enough money from Toluna and other survey sites to get my Hellsing Ultimate box, so I scratched that off my list. Right now, I’m waiting for some money from another site that offers surveys, and hopefully it’s enough to buy Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, which I’ve also been wanting to get for a while.

From my private Instagram account.
From my private Instagram account.

With those two goals out of the world, I’m thinking about maybe saving up for a button machine. No one seems to wanna talk me out of this stupid idea. They’re sooo expensive, and I have no idea what to use it for, but they’re awesome, and I love button badges! But maybe, when I’m done saving for one (in 10 years), I could find some use for it? I don’t know… Ugh, why am I even thinking about this?