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Hetalia Axis Powers – Review

This post should actually have been a review of Ergo Proxy, but since I’m having issues finding a site that wants to stream it via Chromecast to the TV, I sadly have to scratch that for now. So instead, I decided to cheer myself up with some Hetalia! I loved The Beautiful World, and have wanted to watch it from the very beginning for some years now, so that’s what I did. What to expect though?

Imagine every country in the world getting stripped down to their bare clichés, then add some personality, and spice everything up by putting them in historical situations. Now just watch it happen! That’s basically Hetalia, and although every episode only takes up 5 minutes of your time, you will feel fulfilled. Every single episode managed to put a smile on my face, or even burst out laughing.

Now, where’s the obligatory text about the on-going story in this series? It starts out with Italy being bullied by other countries, and trying to get help from Germany, with whom he becomes friends, along with Japan. And those 3 fight against countries like America, England, France, Russia and China, opening up the gates to some absurd scenes.

It’s hard writing about this, since every episode is basically its own story, but it’s fun, weird and cute, and I recommend giving it a try. I want to watch more Hetalia at some point, but now I have to go do something more important… Like finding Canada.

And since this must have been my shortest post ever, I’ll fill in some useless information. So, I’ve decided to actually save up for a button machine, but first I want Dusk Maiden of Amnesia on DVD, and we need a printer, so yeah. Maybe I’ll have one in like… 3 years? I’m still working on bookmarks, but I’ve also decided to give Ghosty his comeback soon, so I’ll be at the laptop creating vector. I’ve also added 2 new headers, which will show up at random. That’s all really, as I didn’t really do much during Easter. Talking about Easter; how was yours? 🙂

Nanbaka – Review

I just couldn’t resist watching this colorful madness of a glittery rainbow ride! Was it worth it? Despite what I’ve seen some people write about the series, I’d say yes! You need to be into weird characters, even weirder storylines, and lots of bright colors though, to enjoy this show for what it is; a comedy anime.

We start out by following our four main characters Jyugo, Uno, Rock and Nico, as they break out of a prison, that is supposedly impossible to break out of. Or at least no one has succeeded in doing so yet. It is quickly discovered as to why, when our four friends meet their monitor, the prison infamous guard Hajime, who puts an end to their jailbreak the instant they try to escape… every time they break out.

During the first handful of episodes, no real storyline is to be found, but we get to know our jailbreak heroes very well, as well as some of the main guards in the prison. It’s nearly impossible to take anything seriously at this point, besides maybe Hajime, who is very serious about his job. Even the prison warden, who is very dedicated and seems humorless, turns into a little girl in love, as she has a very (very!) soft spot for Hajime, who is unaware of her affection towards him.

It all changes as the now well-known prisoners have to battle against the guards and their prisoners from other cell blocks for a new years tournament, where we get to see Jyugo’s secret powers as he fights against another prisoner, whom he seems to have met once in the past. From here on out, a rather serious storyline is being fleshed out, and we meet more sinister characters, who don’t seem to have any shred of humanity left in them.

Admitted, the wait for the actual storyline is very long, but then again, we get to know the main characters very well before anything happens, which in my case made me care more for them, than I would have if it all started with a bang. Even though the main story is dark and sinister, with human experiments, tough decisions and life choices, it’s still a comedy, and it knows when to take a break and let the viewer breathe.

If I had to use other words than comedy, I’d say Nanbaka is a series about friendship, betrayal, revenge and enjoying life, no matter the circumstances. I especially liked how the guards, while being whacky and colorful like the prisoners, always were grounded and serious in some way. Our four cellmates are lucky to have Hajime as their guard, though I’m quite sure he doesn’t feel the same about having them as his prisoners.

If you need something fun to watch while waiting for New Years Eve, try diving into the weird life of Nanba Prison. The best part is, that season 2 will start airing when you’re done celebrating! I’m looking forward to it 🙂

As a side note: I’m sorry for not being online right now, but my PC is still not up and running, and my boyfriend’s laptop is being repaired right now. So I’m using a darn tablet to post this, which is no fun at all, and I can’t wait to be back! Anyway, I hope you survived Christmas, and stay safe tomorrow, when celebrating the coming of 2017 😉

Handa-kun – Review

Between all the painting and cleaning, I try to watch some anime via Chromecast. I actually started watching Bloodivores (yes, I’m aware of what it sounds like when saying it out loud), but four episodes in, I gave up on it. It’s just plain bad, not only storywise, but also in terms of animation and characters. It’s like the makers had a good idea, but blew it all in the first episode, after which they decided to not even animate a talking mouth, nor put in any sort of character development at all. Unless you want something to watch when reaaaaaally bored, avoid it like the plague.

So I decided on Handa-kun instead, which I had already started when it was still new, but never finished, because the lil’ one wanted to watch it with me, which he never did. “The other kids from Barakamon are not in it!” he said. Of course not, as Handa-kun takes place in the past, when Handa was still going to school. His best friend back then was Kawafuji. Actually, he is his ONLY friend, or so Handa thinks, as Kawafuji once told him for fun, that everyone hates him. Believing his best friend’s words, he keeps thinking that everyone hates him, and are all out to make fun of him, or even worse.

Truth be told, Handa is the most popular person in his high school, and he even has his own fan-club, which we get to see in the very first episode. That fan-club is more of the main focus in the series than Handa himself, as they set out to not only adore, but also protect him. Granted, he does need protection at times, but more from himself, or the fan-club itself, as they are a pretty stupid bunch of classmates. They have hearts of gold though, and always stand by their idol’s side. Through the twelve episodes, Handa’s fanbase grows, and even includes his biology teacher, and students from other schools.

Handa himself isn’t aware of any of this though, as he constantly tries to isolate himself from everyone other than Kawafuji, who knows very well what is going on. While just living his life, Handa gets into a lot of awkward situations, while not even noticing it himself. Some of these situations end up in him getting more friends, which he is not realizing at all. At one point, he even thinks the boy who saved his ass several times is the one who hates him the most, because he doesn’t know what is going on outside his own bubble.

While this all sounds pretty sad, it’s actually pretty darn fun to watch. The characters are many, but also diverse, and very loveable… or scary. Handa not being able to see what is going on, but still saving the day, and his own skin, is a laugh every time something out of the ordinary happens. And that’s basically what this series is; out of the ordinary. If you liked Barakamon, you will probably also like this series, as it shows how Handa Sei came to be the loving idiot he is, and why he and Kawafuji still keep up with each other in adult life.

Also, the opening is so weird and funny, it sets the mood for the entire show right away. When I heard the screaming at the very beginning, I was in doubt about what this would be about, but the opening animation shows that it’s not to be taken seriously. Granted, the first episode with the fan-club making their own Handa anime weirded me out, but looking back at it, it was a good way to start an awkward series about awkward people. And that’s just the way I like it 🙂

Here at the end, I want to give you a heads-up. My next post will be automatically published in four days, due to my computer STILL being packed in a box *sigh* I had hoped for the living room to be finished by now, but Ikea is being a bitch, and it seems like we’ll have to find a day where we can drive up there again, and get our furniture ourselves, as they refuse to deliver the bed we want, and their delivery overall has a very bad reputation here.

But have a nice weekend now, and stay tuned for my Paranoia Agent review in a few days, which also includes an analysis of the series. Hope to be back soon 🙂