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Printables vol. 2 – I actually opened my shop!

I’ve been a very busy bee these last 5 days, and have managed to open my Storenvy shop! Sadly not with jewelry and accessories like I wanted to, because of that darn P.O.Box thing, but I can sure as hell still sell downloads, and that’s what I started doing. The same day I posted about my new passion for printables, I uploaded my first product that’s officially for sale, and it’s been going good since.

Yesterday, I added a door hanger to the selection, and today I put up a calendar containing the 3 months of spring. I will of course start working on a summer version for June, July and August before the current calendar expires, but right now I’m very happy with the stuff I have up already. Maybe 3 listings ain’t much, but to me it’s the world right now. I’m having so much fun creating these printables, and I hope it reflects in my work. I print everything I make myself before putting it up for sale, to make sure it’s working as intended, and that the quality is top notch.

It’s funny though, as the only printables I wanted to do were to-do lists, but I haven’t made a single one yet. I want to draw them by hand, so it will take quite a while before I have some ready. I really love to-do lists though, they are great time savers, and I want to let people enjoy my way of planning things. I really hope that they will help out others, so I want to plan them carefully, and make them appealing to as many people as possible.

Right now, I’m just happy with having this up and running. I will continue to create various printables, so keep an eye on my Storenvy, or follow me on Instagram or Tumblr where I always update my creations. I also went and made another Pinterest account only for stuff that I sell, and of course repins of other neat stuff within the same category.

Besides making printables, I finally leveled my Ninja to 70, and Dark Knight will follow soon. I’m also reading more Dante again, and am quite confident, that I’ll complete the book this month. When I get an idea for how to design the ‘find me here’ buttons in the menu here I will change them, because they are just too clunky when there are more than 3 or 4 of them. I have 6 now after adding Tumblr and Storenvy, and I’d also like to add my Pinterest, so yeah, it just looks ugly!

That’s it from me right now. It’s barely noon here, but I want to take the rest of the day off (can I even say that, being early retired and all?). I want to just sit in front of the TV and watch anime and eat unhealthy food for a few hours, maybe read some more Dante, and overall just be lazy. Yep, after what I’ve got done within just a short amount of time, I deserve to pamper myself a little 🙂

Vacation time, lazy time, and other times

I should totally have put up one more post for auto-publishing, but I didn’t think it would take so long for me to get back into writing one again. Sooo, autumn vacation is over, people are getting sick, leaves are falling, people are getting sick, and Christmas isn’t that far away. Oh, and people are getting sick. This will just be a random post about my current thoughts and activities, so nothing special, you can skip it, haha!

Let’s start with Inktober! I was actually doing really great, until vacation time hit, and then my boyfriend got sick. When he’s lazy, I’m lazy, so I got nothing done the last 4 days, ugh! I feel awful for not having done one drawing a day, as my streak was awesome. But I did the drawings last night, and will post them on Instagram today. I’ve noticed how doing a tiny drawing a day has actually made me active overall. I feel like doing something more after being done with my drawing, and it has led to me making more bracelets again. Chainmaille is really fun, so I’m sticking to that for a while, although I’m also planning some washer bracelets. On top of that, I’m also working on displays for bracelets and necklaces. If I succeed in making them pretty and useful, I will write tutorials on how to make them yourself, as they are made with materials almost everyone has lying around or can get for cheap anyway. Being creative and crafty is so much fun!

From my Instagram.
From my Instagram.
From my Instagram.

But as the title states, I’ve also been pretty lazy. We started watching the new Star Trek Discovery on Netflix, and despite what people say about it, I think it’s absolutely brilliant! Yeah, granted, Michael is a shitty main character, but the focus isn’t that much on her anymore, so that’s nice. We also watched Star Trek Beyond, and although it was riddled with flaws, it was still a really great movie. Aaand I’ve finally gotten around to watch the last episode of Little Witch Academia, the first season at least, and will write a review for it here soon (next post I believe). Castlevania has also been dragged through my lazy eyeballs, and although it only had a few episodes for starters, I’m eager to see what will happen next. The pacing is a little off, but overall, I found the story to be interesting, so I hope they’ll make more episodes sooooon! Yesterday, I started watching Mononoke and Mushishi, and while I’m not sure if I want to continue with Mononoke, I’m sure as hell gonna finish Mushishi! It’s absolutely wonderful!

Since the last 2 weeks were vacation and sick time (not for me, I’m fine, yay!), I haven’t really played much FFXIV. Got a few hours for myself, and did the challenge log as good as I could, but that’s it, ugh. Monk is lvl 70, and now I’m on Bard, because why not. Deadpool is still alive and kicking as a retainer, and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of him again. Having those extra 20 marketplace slots has made it so much easier to level crafting, as I don’t clutter my inventory with all the stuff I want to sell. Playing is my way of getting rid of stress, and often the sole reason I even turn on the PC. And I need to play for DAYS now to get back to normal!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. Vacation time and Netflix, hooray. It’s November soon though, and the time for me to buy Christmas presents. That means, that it’s also time for others to buy presents, and I better get my shop up and running for the shopping rush! Not that I’d expect any sales, but it would be fun. My goal was to have it up and running when summer was over, but I just never got around to it. Maybe because I’m still unsure of how Storenvy works, as it really keeps me away from actually doing anything. Ugh, I hate myself for that. I just need to kick myself in the bum and get it done!

Natures materials – A quick guide

It’s time to embrace nature! A.K.A., it’s spring, and now is the time to look for crafting materials in nature. Some of the materials in this guide do not associate with spring, I must admit that, but most of them are easiest to get during spring and summer, so I thought it was a good time to write about them. Here goes!

Going to the beach:

Have you ever picked up a pretty piece of glass at the beach? If it’s all rounded and milky, chances are you found yourself some seaglass! The prettier the piece, the rarer it is, and although it’s not really a material made by nature, it sure was perfected by the waves. These tiny treasures can be used for decoration, and look especially well together with seashells, which you can also pick up while walking along the beach. Both seaglass and seashells need to be boiled before usage though, so beware that the shells are empty! Don’t kill animals while shelling! While seaglass can be used in jewelry when wired or by drilling a tiny hole in it, there’s a lot more you can do with seashells. Paint them, turn them into angels, use them in jewelry, or whatever you want to! And don’t forget to keep an eye out for driftwood, which can also be very decorative in crafts, or just as is.

Going to the forest (or anywhere with vegetation):

Not everyone lives near a beach, but chances are there’s a nice forest nearby, where you can also find beautiful treasures for crafting. Pick some pretty flowers to dry or collect pinecones during autumn, to use as decorations in your home. Don’t know how to properly dry flowers? It’s easy! Take the flowers you’ve gathered, and put them inside a book to be pressed. Make sure you have some sort of paper (tissues will do) to put between the pages before you press the flowers though, as the water from the flowers can damage the book. Make sure you put something heavy on top of the book, and let the flowers dry while being pressed for at least 2-3 months. The bigger the flowers, the longer it takes. You can use them to decorate cards or bookmarks, and of course leaves also look pretty when dried!

Other things to look out for:

No matter where you go, chances are you might find some pretty rocks. Don’t laugh! I actually have a little collection of all black rocks, and they look awesome! Beach sand can also be very decorative, especially when used in a glass with a candle standing in it, or as sprinkle in crafts, giving that maritime feeling. If you have a good camera, take some pictures when you’re out in the open, and use those as wallpapers, prints, or other decorations. Nature looks good in a frame too!

Of course, there is so much more you can collect out there, but these are the things I look for myself, and can recommend. Nature’s own materials cost you no money, and when creating something with them, you can be sure that it’s 100% unique! So get out there and collect! Paint some beautiful shells, create some stunning jewelry, craft some cards for summer to send while on vacation, or impress your friends with a photo of that magnificent sunset you saw after a long day. Let your imagination fuel your ideas!

And the most important thing; have fun! 🙂

Need quick inspiration? Here are some photos from my Instagram account: