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Inktober 2017

Sooo, I’ve decided to join Inktober this year! Not because I want to showcase great art made with ink, because I’m unable to produce something like that, but to get better at traditional media, and maybe get a more steady hand when drawing. I also want to try and be consistent, and hopefully learn from that experience, in order to use the things I learn in other contexts.

I went and read the official 2017 prompt list, and decided to try and stick to it, instead of coming up with stuff myself. Discipline I guess? Anyway, I bought a little package with 4 ink pens in different sizes, and will hopefully have learned how to properly use them by the end of the month. I then grabbed one of the sketchbooks I had lying around and never used, and started sketching my ideas for some of the prompts, as I tend to forget what I had in mind, or change my mind along the way. And it’s sooo hard!

As of right now, I have the first 13 days sketched out, and it took me 3 days to get the ideas. While some prompts are easy, like ‘poison’ for example, I had a really hard time coming up with something for ‘crooked’, and my boyfriend even helped me with ‘teeming’. I have so much work to do still, and this is a hard month for me to find time, because my boyfriend has vacation soon, and he doesn’t want to just sit at the table and wait for me to get done with a drawing. So… I’ll probably have to cheat, and draw the images I need to upload during his vacation beforehand, or else I’ll get stressed too much to do anything.

But hey, I chose Ghosty to be my model every day, which has both advantages and disadvantages. He’s fairly easy and quick to draw, which is the good part, but… the ideas I come up with have to fit into his world, which is the hard part. I usually go for a funny or lighthearted tone when drawing him, putting him into situations that are usually nerdy pop culture or everyday life (for anyone but him). Some of the prompts won’t always let me do that though, so it’s not only the ink that’s a bit darker this month, but also the overall theme. Or at least some times…

Anyway, we’re now 2 days in, so I’ve uploaded 2 images already. Swift and Divided were the first 2 prompts, and I did my best to try and depict them with Ghosty. While ‘swift’ was easy (I luuuuurve the Netflix series The Flash!), I struggled with ‘divided’, and am not 100% happy with the outcome. I won’t be happy with all of them anyway, so this is a feeling I’ll have to get used to during this month.

Okay, enough talk, I have to come up with more ideas as long as I have the time to do so, so yeah. Until next time, which will be a review of Kakegurui 🙂

From my Instagram.
From my Instagram.

The road has no end

I’m running out of ideas for the update titles, haha! Anyway, during May, I put the posting of my entries on auto to get some more time for myself, which is why there were a lot of entries. Did it work then? Well, yes, but my mom sure knew how to ruin both my time and mood during many of those “free” days, and my boyfriend didn’t have the time to help me with product photos, so I didn’t get all the stuff done I had planned. I did get SOME things done though, so it’s time for an overall update!

First of all, I made my old Instagram account private, so all the images I linked from there are of course gone. I went and replaced them, but the quality is not that good when uploading the images for some reason. I’ve tried some of the tips I found on various sites, but nothing helped. So bear with those photos being a bit blurry, as it doesn’t seem like I can do anything. My creative Instagram account will always be open for everyone, so I’ll keep linking from there. And if I some day decide to delete it or something, well… Then I’m fucked! 😀

So what else happened? Well, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 early last month, and it was awesome! On the creative part though, not much has happened. I did learn how to bind books using glue, and got a package with materials for bookmarks and such, but that’s about it.

From my Instagram.
From my Instagram.

For everyone who is on Instagram, I’ve got some good news though! I started a contest where you can win a bottle charm filled with tiny seashells! The winner will be able to customize the bottle before I ship it to them. Up until now, not many have entered though, so if you want to, be sure to check it out over on Instagram!

I’ve also completed chapter 1 of my book, and am working on chapter 2, which is already half done. It takes up a lot of time and energy to write though, so I’m only moving forward really slowly. On the same topic, I’ve been thinking about the cover of my book, as I’ve been very nervous about that. Looking at a lot of horrible book covers though, I’m quite confident that I’ll be able to do a decent job on that part. I’m not sure whether to use photos or a drawing though, but I have plenty of time to find out.

Talking about drawing… I actually did a piece last week that wasn’t for fun, or some OC from my book. I could show the sketch, but I’d rather not, since I want to actually complete it in Inkscape. It’s a headshot of Bandit King Bakura in profile, which I did because a friend really likes him, and I found no good prints on Redbubble with him. It also helped a lot that I’m a Bakura fan myself, though more into Yami Bakura. I actually wanted for it to be printed on a shirt for her to wear, but she says she’s not confident enough to wear a fanshirt. AWWW! *sob* I still want to complete it though, and maybe I’ll upload it to Redbubble and Society6 for others to use.

I’ve made some small changes here and there, which no one probably noticed. The linkage buttons now have the new logo, and so do the standard avatars. The pages Credits and For me have been deleted, but the content can be found on the main About page now instead. I just saw no reason to have pages with little to no content. I doubt anyone would be looking for it, but the page for my collection has now been made private, as I actually just made it for myself to keep track. I also updated my Ko-fi profile, because I never liked the text I wrote there in the first place. It’s just easier to make a profile once you’ve played around with the site for a while. Lastly, I’ve changed the Etsy button to a Storenvy button. My shop is not up yet, but since both of them have no products, I’d rather link the one I’m gonna update soon, instead of the one I left to die in the desert of loneliness.

But yeah, that’s all that has happened. Right now I just want to complete chapter 2 and Bakura, as these are things I can do myself. I hope my boyfriend finds the time to help me with the photos for the shop I wanted to open back in April, or at least leave the camera adjusted and ready for me to play with. It’s gonna be a busy month though, so maybe I’ll complete nothing at all 😀

Creating original characters

As of recently, I’ve watched a lot of videos about OC’s. Not because I need help with mine, but I just wanted to know how and why other people create their characters. In this article, I won’t write about other people’s opinions though, but of course my own. Although there are no rules when it comes to creating a character, let’s have a look at what is… not so good.

On Deviant Art, there are tons of OC’s, and browsing through them can be quite inspiring. But have you noticed, how many of them aren’t really characters at all? By that I mean, that they are usually rip-off’s from TV shows or the like, recolored and decorated with every bright color of the rainbow, and with characteristics so far from reality (or the world they live in even), that they are just plain unbelievable. Of course, that’s fine, if the creator’s intention is to NOT bring this OC to any sort of reader or watcher.

There are so many of those rainbow heroes, that they are Mary Sue’s all on their own. They all look alike, feel alike, and have basically the same characteristics. A Mary Sure is a character that has no room for development, and can carry the story by him/herself. A character that everyone loves, doesn’t make any mistakes, has boring and overpowered abilities, and is overall just the center of the universe. Of course, any main character is the center of a story, but if the other characters or even events in the story do not affect this person, then something is utterly wrong.

Okay, let’s put aside those negative traits, and have a look at what makes a good character. First of all, you need to have a world to put them in, so make sure that they fit into this world. That would be the first step, however boring it might sound. Next one up is either the design, or the personality, whichever you find most important, or might come up with first. I usually make up a character over a long time, and might even change it to be the total opposite along the way, because not only does the character have to fit into a set world, but it also has to interact with other characters. I‘ve written about that in an earlier post.

When a character is being formed inside my head, I try to find out who the person is, by putting it into situations that could occur in my story, and that’s how I find out how it interacts with the other characters. The character is being created before I even write any words about it, which I find very important. When I’m sure of what it’s gonna be like, I write down a short bio, maybe even with a backstory, and if I feel like it, I draw a quick sketch to remember their design. A character has been born, and is ready to enter the world I have already set up!

But wait, what makes a good design? As mentioned above, it’s really no good idea to just use something that already exists, and paint it over with rainbow colors. It’s also a no-go to overload it with every decoration you can come up with, as your character will just drown in fancy stuff. Once again, think about the world your character lives in, and then who the character is supposed to be. If it’s an everyday human, just find some nice everyday clothes for it. If you’re ever in doubt, just have a look at your favorite characters from a similar universe as the one you write about, look up some color schemes, and think hard about what the character really needs. It’s also a good idea to try and remove some stuff from your design, and think about if it’s still your character. If it still looks good after removing 5 bracelets, face paint stripes, 2 horns and that third eye on their forehead that they never use anyway, then you probably don’t need to add it again.

Jumping to another topic, I’ve watched a lot of DIY art journal videos on YouTube, and they were very inspiring! What does that have to do with this post? As I said, it’s a different topic, but I decided to make use of the art journal idea to better keep track of my OC’s and story ideas. I’ve always been drawing on regular loose paper, which I keep losing to random drawers, piles of paper and whatnot. But I found the idea of an art journal appealing, and that it would fit well with what I’m doing. Sure, it’s just a sketchbook, but I don’t just fill it with drawings on every page, but instead use the same pages to go back to and edit, whenever a character changes looks or the like, so that I can keep track. I write and draw my ideas in that book, and cannot only keep track, but also watch my own progress. I just hope I don’t lose that book to some deep, paper eating drawer…