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Those who have seen my new year’s resolutions and goals for 2018 might have noticed that I want to make downloadable bullet planners. In other words; I want to offer printables. My plan was to make some journal sheets at some point during the year, upload them on Etsy for 4 months to see how it goes, and then find out what to do next, if anything at all. Recently though, I found out that Storenvy now offers the opportunity to sell downloadable content on their platform. Granted, I’d have to send every order per mail myself, but that’s a small price to pay considering that they don’t charge me for having items listed on their site. And it’s a great step in the right direction for Storenvy in terms of competing with Etsy, so let’s support that.

So I decided, quite spontaneously, to just try and make printables today. It was just for fun, and to get the hang on how it works. It’s not the same as making graphics for anime sites and the like, so it’s a completely new experience for me, and I must admit that I had a ton of fun with my first try! So much so, that I ended up making an entire children’s birthday party bundle, with table name cards in 4 different designs and an invitation design to go with it. I decided that they were good enough to upload on Storenvy at some point, but of course I’d need to write my own terms of use, which I struggled with, so I went to some sellers on Storenvy to see how they did it, and that’s when I found something that made me laugh on the outside, but also cry on the inside.

It’s not uncommon to see a lot of printables using copyrighted images (may Disney, Marvel, DC and other big companies have mercy on their souls), but usually the ones selling those try to just sneak by the system by not mentioning how the images are stolen. And we’re not talking fan art here; because that’s a thing I can fully understand. We’re talking official art owned by the respectful companies that sellers find on Google and use for their printables. Okay, so I found this guy/girl selling printables using images from Frozen, because Elsa is totally hip with little girls these days, and he/she knew exactly how wrong it was to use copyrighted images and charge money for it.

In the description it said, that they didn’t charge money for the images themselves, but only for the time spent on creating the products. And thus it was okay to steal images they didn’t own the rights to, and also okay for the buyers to spend money on them, although not a single cent would go to Disney? Uhm… The thing is that it’s stealing, and that the customer will buy the product exactly because of the image, and not give a flying fuck about the time spent on creating it. When it comes to something visual, it’s the image that sells, and if it’s something that can be sold many times, like a printable or a design on Redbubble and Society6, the time you spend on the design has very little value.

Granted, I didn’t create the images I used for the printables I made so far either, but they were free downloads that came with a commercial usage license, so I’m in the green. Once I get a drawing tablet, I want to draw my own stuff some more, and of course charge a little extra because of the unique designs. All in all, I’m having a lot of fun with this right now, and will hopefully get it uploaded to my Stornevy soon. If I can’t sell jewelry because I have no postbox, then I can at least have fun with printables. It’s not like I expect to sell anything anyway, it’s just fun, an experience, and training for me. But if I do make a few bucks, then they will all go towards a drawing tablet, yay!

Anyway, I’m sorry for turning this into some sort of rant, but I find it sad when people with no respect for ownership ruin it for those who put effort into their stuff. It’s hard to compete with Frozen, Spiderman and Avengers, and knowing that some turd is sitting behind the computer, scraping in money by selling things they do not own makes me angry. Oh well, every business has black sheep, and the online business has quite a lot.

I will just keep doing what I’m doing, have fun with it, and see where it takes me. By the way, I already completed chapter 3 of my story, so that’s one goal for this month that I’m done with. Dante is the other 🙂

The road that crawled out the window and disappeared

I wanted to write a live update again, as the last posts were just anime reviews, and they were even scheduled *lazy* But honestly, I have no idea what topic to write about, because nothing special has been happening this month. The good thing about a personal blah blah blog though is, that I don’t owe anyone anything when I write, so I can just go on blabbing like a mad woman. And that’s what I’ll do!

We got a new monitor for the computer at last, which is very nice. It’s not some expensive shit or anything, as I just wanted something a bit wider than our old monitor, and that’s what we got. The colors are much nicer now, and it’s finally HD *chuckles a bit* Playing FFXIV looks sooo good now! Being on that topic, I got Warrior and Machinist to lvl 70, so I’m over half the way with my goal. Now I’m working on Dark Knight and Ninja, which is going very well, especially since the main scenarios give more EXP now.

I wrote about some rude men who came to install our new neighbor’s internet a while ago, and yeah, she finally moved in. I met her when she stopped by to have a look at the house next door, which had been for sale for over 2 years, and she seemed quite nice. Now that she’s here though, I really don’t know what to think of her. The same day she moved in, she knocked on our door to ask about the heating in her house, which didn’t seem to work. My boyfriend went over there to have a look at it, since we have the same heating system as her, but apparently it was broken from not having been used for a long time, and she’d need a plumber to fix it. Then she asked my boyfriend when he’d call one… Uhm, it turned out she thought we were her landlords, and thus we had to pay for everything that needed to be fixed in her new home.

Okay, so of course we are not her landlords, and of course we as her normal fucking neighbors don’t have to pay for any of her shit, so that’s what my boyfriend told her (in a nice way). And her parents. Because apparently they also thought we had to deal with her shit. She also asked us to sign some contract about getting help with her monthly rent, which we are not in charge of doing because we are NOT her bloody landlords, and which she is actually not even entitled to, because she bought a bloody HOUSE. So now I wonder why she moved here. It’s a tiny town quite far from the nearest city (the one we moved from), she has no car, she needs help from the state to pay the rent, and she never EVER leaves the house. Or well, to throw out garbage she does, and then she slams her front door like some angry Hulk, which annoys the shit out of me.

And oh yeah, the rude internet guys packed all their stuff and left shortly after she moved in, so now there are cables right outside her house that don’t go anywhere at this moment. It makes me wonder if she cancelled the whole thing when she realized that she has to pay for it herself? I don’t know, but she doesn’t have any internet now, and sometimes just sits and looks out the window. She seems lonely and bored, but I sure as heck won’t knock on her door to try and change that, because I really don’t know what to do with a person like her. Our neighbors don’t know what to do either. They have both asked about her, but don’t want to visit her, because she’s the type who barely wants to greet anyone. So when we were invited to our neighbor’s husband’s 90th birthday, she told us that the new one ain’t getting an invitation, which I fully understand, seeing as they don’t know her.

Well anyway, few days ago, some family of hers came knocking on our door, telling us she wanted to remove the antenna that’s attached to her house. Uhm, no. That’s for all 4 houses here, which she should know if she had bothered to read the rules and guidelines for buying a house here. It’s not like the antenna is in the way or something, she just wanted to remove it for the sake of removing it *sigh* So now I’m thinking, that she must be really fucking dense, and I don’t mean that as an insult, but as a dead serious statement about her mental health. She seems to be behind in her head, and her parents must be too, seeing as they too didn’t realize that when you buy a house, you have no landlord. I know that I am not in the best mental shape myself with my Asperger, OCD and anxiety issues, but I sure as fuck knew what I was doing when signing the contract for buying this house!

So, our neighbors give her 1 month, then they believe she’ll try to sell the house again. I give her 3 months, because then she has gotten the worst bills for gas and electricity (water comes only once a year). If she can’t even pay her rent without help, then I’m pretty darn sure she’s gonna choke on the other bills, as well as garbage disposal, insurance and regular maintenance. Oh, did I mention that she wants to break down a wall and install french doors? Bloody hell… At least we as chairmen have a say in that, because it could cause the roof of the house to crash. And what happens if she really decides to move again when the bills start hitting her mailbox? I do wonder, because if she still thinks it’s anything like an apartment, then she will probably stop paying the rent when putting the house up for sale, and then she’s in for an even bigger surprise, because that’s not how it works. Oh well, I guess only time will tell, but in case you haven’t noticed yet, I don’t have high hopes for her future here.

Thinking about me not knowing what to write, this is becoming quite the long entry. Anyway, I’m doing my Crafty February just as planned, and even better than expected! My plan was to post on Instagram and/or Tumblr every 7 days with an update, but I’m actually posting on both daily. I’ve not skipped a day so far, even though there were days where I barely had time. Making a candle is easy and quite fast though, so I keep the empty tea cups I have as backup. When the month is over, I will make a post here with everything that I’ve made, so no worries if you like neither Instagram nor Tumblr, as you can soon see everything here.

Next month, I’ll finish reading Dante, and write a post about it here. And I think that’s it for now. Phew, it ended up becoming a long rant about a person I don’t even know, although she’s been living next to me for 3 weeks now. I feel a little bad for ranting, but then again, her behavior is a little shitty, so whatever…

Common sense and courtesy are dead

So we’re having a neighbor moving in soon, that’s great. Of course she wants internet, and it needs to be installed before she moves in. I get that. What I don’t get though is that the ones, who are stopping by to install it, are retarded idiots with no common sense!

It all started last week, when there was suddenly some guy outside our living room window, the one furthest away from our neighbor mind you, and he just trotted through our garden and flowerbed. My dog freaked out, because he knows it’s our territory, and thus no one just runs around there. Can’t say it left me untouched either, so I went outside to ask him what the heck he was doing, and he was just like “I need to install some cables, so I just had a look around.” Seriously? I told him to not just walk around the property of someone else he wasn’t invited to, not to stomp around my garden and flowerbed and to at least KNOCK ON THE DOOR before doing anything on an address you’re not supposed to have anything to do with. He agreed, though his facial expression told me, that he just wanted me to move out of his way. Great! I left it at that, since he said he would not enter my property again.

Then today, while still in bed, my dog starts barking like crazy. I could hear some men talking loudly, one right in front of my door, and one standing on my terrace, both with shovels in their hands. I open the door to ask them what they were doing, and they just said “We’re digging up your terrace to install cables for the internet.” Say what…? What the actual fuck? I tell them that I know nothing about this, and that it must be the neighbor they need to install cables for, because I have internet, and it’s working just fine. They pretend to agree; that it must be the neighbor if I know nothing about it, but they’re still gonna dig up my terrace. One of the workers was just smiling at me like I’m some idiot, and I ask him to stop it, after which he just smiles even more, still wanting to dig everything up.

At that point, I change from halfway friendly, to being enraged like shit! He then tells me I can go call the provider, and laughs at me. Fine! We have the same internet provider who hired them to install the cables, so I get through with my customer details really quick, and explain my situation to them. And guess what? They didn’t know why they were at my address either! I was told that some higher up would call me as fast as possible, but I never got a call. Go figure. But at least he called those knuckleheads outside, and they moved all their shit to the neighbor’s terrace, where they started digging.

So my best guess is that they don’t know the alphabet, and thus couldn’t tell the difference between a B and a C, so they just decided to dig wherever. Also, they decided not to knock first, although it must have been pretty darn clear to them, that someone lives here. It’s not the empty house where they were ordered to install cables. We have furniture on our a terrace, and the dog was barking, so how hard can it be to notice that and FUCKING KNOCK ON THE DOOR??? It would have solved the issue right away! Or at least I would like to believe that, because I did tell them it’s the neighbor’s house that needs internet, and they still wanted to dig up my entire terrace.

Now I want to know what the fuck is wrong with people like that. What makes them think that it’s okay to ignore people’s privacy and rights? Why laugh at them when they obviously have a brain and know better? And why have I not received an apology for their more than shitty behavior towards me, and the major mistake they were about to make? If the guy that needs to call me actually gets his finger out his bum and does so, I will tell him that I demand an apology from those two retards. It’s the very least they can do.

Imagine if I hadn’t been home. I would have had no terrace anymore, because they were so darn sure that they needed to dig here. Then what? Funny thing is, that our terrace is fenced, so they would have needed to break it down to enter with any machines. It’s a scary thought to imagine someone being so utterly dumb, that they’re willing to destroy your property without any second thoughts. One could say that the thing is settled now, because I got to complain to the right company, and they are now digging in the right spot, but it doesn’t feel anywhere near done yet. Then what do I want? I want them to understand that what they did was wrong. That they need to listen to people, and not just do whatever they please. I want them to apologize to me, not only for almost making a huge mistake by nearly destroying my property while thinking no one was home, but also because one of them ridiculed me. It’s not okay. It just isn’t.

To top it all off, FFXIV is down for 24 hours because of the new patch, and I sooo wanted to smash monsters to let out some steam. Now it’s just building up inside of me instead, UGH!