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The road so far…

Carry on my wayward son

For there’ll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Now don’t you cry no more…

Yes, I love Supernatural, but that’s not why I thought the lyrics were fitting for this entry. It just kinda popped into my head when I came up with the title, which suits this entry quite well, as it’s a summary of what I’ve been doing lately, and what my plans for the near future are. It’s quite the long entry, and more for my own personal benefit, but if you’re interested, please do read on, as it covers a lot of topics.

First off, I’ve been working on my big project Ildora Quest. I’m very slow when it comes to drawing though, so it’s gonna take forever to really complete anything. Still without a properly working PC, it’s kinda hard doing anything big. Glad I have my trusted laptop though, with which I can still draw and create graphics. Anyway, I made a base that I’m quite happy with (for once), and started out doing a Kan’i, which was a lot of fun sketching, but such a drag to ink and color, haha. I’ve also been searching for fitting music, so it’s going forward, although very slowly.


I’ve also made my first tea cup candle, which was a lot of work, but also very fun, and it looks so cute standing on the table with a flame inside of it. I have 5 cups to work with, and am doing my best to complete them all. Maybe I’ll keep my prototype, as the tiniest cup is my favorite. Looking at them all though, I found out that I seem to go for flower patterns with gold, as they all 5 have that in common. It wasn’t even on purpose, but I’ll probably keep going for those kind of cups in the future, as they’re just really cute.

From my private Instagram account.
From my private Instagram account.

Working even more with recycling, I’ve pulled apart and cleaned some second hand jewelry, which I hope to find some good use for in new creations. I’ve also pulled apart some old children’s books, and would like to use some of the images from them for bookmarks. There’s Winnie the Pooh and stuff like that, really cute. Talking about bookmarks; I’m currently working on some anime ones, with Free!, Black Butler and Code Geass. I’ve prepared a lot of images from old anime magazines to be used in colorful bookmarks, so there will hopefully be a lot of different series to choose from soon.

Various bookmarks in the making

On the side, I’ve been drawing a little for no real reason at all, because why not? While watching some behind the scenes videos of the Hobbit, I felt the late night urge to draw Thranduil, but my problem is that when I’m tired, I’m almost the same as a drunk person, and it ended up rather, well… He got a nose job the next morning, ugh! Also, min.seya on Instragram had a little contest going on, with the theme ‘dream’, for which I did a drawing of my dog Arthur, as he is my dream come true. It was fun drawing something from a photo, and coloring it with pencils, which I haven’t done in years.

Thranduil – Before and after
From my private Instagram account.
From my private Instagram account.

Now on to the nasty stuff. I’m early retired, which is no secret, but it means that the money I get relies heavily on the salary of my boyfriend. Up until this month, I’ve gotten the same as when I wasn’t early retired, which was never much, but it was okay. It seems that my boyfriend is earning more money than calculated though, and now I get a lot less than before. That’s not good at all, especially not since we just bought a house, and are still painting and in need of some small furniture. I wish they would have just slammed me in the head with a sledgehammer, instead of sending a letter that actually arrived too late (thank you Post Nord, for doing an awful job yet again).

I don’t need to mention, that the above written stuff is a good reason for yet another depression, do I? My boyfriend keeps telling me, that we’ll be fine, and that he’s gonna work more to make up for the money lost. But first of all, I don’t want him to work more, because I barely get to see him (awake) as it is right now. And second, if he earns even more money, I will lose more, so it’s a lose/lose situation either way. I do think that we’ll survive with the little money we have after paying rent, bills, gas and loans, but if it all ends up in tragedy, we can always change his loan and pay a little less every month. It’s not something either of us want to do, because hey, who wants a loan to run for even longer than planned? But it’s an option, and having options is good.

So yeah, that’s what has been happening, and that’s our current situation. Because of that though, I’m now even more determined than ever, to get a little shop up and running. I’ve registered a shop on Storenvy, and will try once again to take some good photos of my handmade goods to sell. Once my current stuff expires on Etsy, I will upload it to Storenvy, but everything new I create from now will go directly on Storenvy. It was our plan to buy a light box this month, but now we don’t have the money for one, so I’ll try and see what I can do instead, because good photos is half the sale!

Talking about photos… There’s a camera my boyfriend wants, and is currently saving up for, and if we can get his old GPS sold, he’ll have enough money for it. When he has it, he wants to take small jobs from friends and family, as they constantly keep asking him to come to their parties and happenings to take photos, but his current camera is just too old and clumsy for that. What does that have to do with my plans? Now, when he has his Olympus, and I have my PC back, I’m gonna re-do his website, in order for him to be able to update it himself, and hopefully get a small business up and running, while doing his favorite thing. I’ve also got the idea of signing him up for Patreon, and offer royalty free stock images there, as a part of keeping him motivated, and learn some new techniques in the process. I’m not sure about how to do that yet, but I’ll look into it, as he seems genuinely interested.

Phew, that was it, basically. I’m setting up the next entry for automatic posting now that I have time, and my PC seems to work for a while. It’s gonna be about motivation, as it’s something I think about a lot.