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All the small things

First things first; HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I hope that 2018 will treat you well, and be a good year overall!

And then on to the tiny update. As stated in my last post, I wanted to change a few things that you probably wouldn’t even notice. And so I have.

I started by changing the widgets a little, adding my Tumblr to the lot, while (sadly) removing my Storenvy. As I’ve still not been able to open the shop, I see no reason for it to be in there. I’ve then deleted the widget for donating via Ko-fi, and just placed the button in the ‘Find me here’ widget instead. I think it makes the widgets look a bit cleaner. I also deleted the drop-down menu for Ghosty, because seriously, it’s already linked under ‘Shop’. This de-clutters the menu a little.

I’ve also added something to the menu though; my anime reviews. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, and since one of my New Year’s resolutions is to add at least 10 new reviews this year, I figured that it was about time. Another reason for doing this is because of what I can see in my statistics. Overall, my fun section and anime reviews get the most traffic from Google searches, and of course I’d like to make it easier to find all of my reviews on a single page, should those visitors want to read more.

And last, but not least! I’ve gotten rid of all the Instagram photos linked from my account to this blog. Or, well, I just planted them on here as static photos. I’m sorry for losing out on the videos and slides that were implemented, as I’ve only switched out with the front photo of the slides, and blah. But really, the posts were old, and I doubt it’s going to bother anyone, as long as the main photo is visible. My Instagram accounts for crafting and my little dog are open to the public, so if it DOES bother you, you can always go have a look at the originals.

Oh by the way, did you know, that Instagram is gonna change for the even worse soon… again? They are gonna throw in random images from those your friends are following. So if you follow someone who follows content you don’t like, then pity. Whoa, I hate the service more and more every day. Oh well.

That’s it. Nothing big, but it was still quite time-consuming. I won’t change the layout or colors after all, or at least not anytime soon, as it requires more time than I’m willing to spend on it right now. I just want other stuff done first, but I’m very happy with the small changes I’ve completed now 🙂

(This post was brought to you by automatic posting, because it’s New Year’s, and although I neither drink nor party, I’m probably way too tired to do this today, haha!)

The road has no end

I’m running out of ideas for the update titles, haha! Anyway, during May, I put the posting of my entries on auto to get some more time for myself, which is why there were a lot of entries. Did it work then? Well, yes, but my mom sure knew how to ruin both my time and mood during many of those “free” days, and my boyfriend didn’t have the time to help me with product photos, so I didn’t get all the stuff done I had planned. I did get SOME things done though, so it’s time for an overall update!

First of all, I made my old Instagram account private, so all the images I linked from there are of course gone. I went and replaced them, but the quality is not that good when uploading the images for some reason. I’ve tried some of the tips I found on various sites, but nothing helped. So bear with those photos being a bit blurry, as it doesn’t seem like I can do anything. My creative Instagram account will always be open for everyone, so I’ll keep linking from there. And if I some day decide to delete it or something, well… Then I’m fucked! 😀

So what else happened? Well, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 early last month, and it was awesome! On the creative part though, not much has happened. I did learn how to bind books using glue, and got a package with materials for bookmarks and such, but that’s about it.

From my Instagram.
From my Instagram.

For everyone who is on Instagram, I’ve got some good news though! I started a contest where you can win a bottle charm filled with tiny seashells! The winner will be able to customize the bottle before I ship it to them. Up until now, not many have entered though, so if you want to, be sure to check it out over on Instagram!

I’ve also completed chapter 1 of my book, and am working on chapter 2, which is already half done. It takes up a lot of time and energy to write though, so I’m only moving forward really slowly. On the same topic, I’ve been thinking about the cover of my book, as I’ve been very nervous about that. Looking at a lot of horrible book covers though, I’m quite confident that I’ll be able to do a decent job on that part. I’m not sure whether to use photos or a drawing though, but I have plenty of time to find out.

Talking about drawing… I actually did a piece last week that wasn’t for fun, or some OC from my book. I could show the sketch, but I’d rather not, since I want to actually complete it in Inkscape. It’s a headshot of Bandit King Bakura in profile, which I did because a friend really likes him, and I found no good prints on Redbubble with him. It also helped a lot that I’m a Bakura fan myself, though more into Yami Bakura. I actually wanted for it to be printed on a shirt for her to wear, but she says she’s not confident enough to wear a fanshirt. AWWW! *sob* I still want to complete it though, and maybe I’ll upload it to Redbubble and Society6 for others to use.

I’ve made some small changes here and there, which no one probably noticed. The linkage buttons now have the new logo, and so do the standard avatars. The pages Credits and For me have been deleted, but the content can be found on the main About page now instead. I just saw no reason to have pages with little to no content. I doubt anyone would be looking for it, but the page for my collection has now been made private, as I actually just made it for myself to keep track. I also updated my Ko-fi profile, because I never liked the text I wrote there in the first place. It’s just easier to make a profile once you’ve played around with the site for a while. Lastly, I’ve changed the Etsy button to a Storenvy button. My shop is not up yet, but since both of them have no products, I’d rather link the one I’m gonna update soon, instead of the one I left to die in the desert of loneliness.

But yeah, that’s all that has happened. Right now I just want to complete chapter 2 and Bakura, as these are things I can do myself. I hope my boyfriend finds the time to help me with the photos for the shop I wanted to open back in April, or at least leave the camera adjusted and ready for me to play with. It’s gonna be a busy month though, so maybe I’ll complete nothing at all 😀