Well hello there, and welcome to my little place on the net!

If you are wondering what kind of place this is, I cannot give you an answer just yet. My plan is to just let my heart bleed, play and cry here. What my heart contains is usually something creative, so expect DIY stuff, graphics, written words, and my brain fighting itself.

Up until now, I’ve only had German anime GFX and fan sites, which was fine for like 10 years, but now I’ve had it. I still love anime, and I still love graphics, but it’s not that big a part of my everyday life anymore. There was a time, when I’d sit in front of the PC until the sun would rise again, watching anime, playing MMO’s, and chat with someone. But at some point, I felt that it just wasn’t my kind of thing anymore. Thus, I started a lot of creative hobbies, and they slowly took over my PC time. Thinking about how my old site was drowning in nothingness, I decided to just quit it, and start blogging about whatever occupies my mind. And here I am!


But who am I? I’m a 31 year old Danish female (yes, I’m a cake!), and I’ve decided to never fully grow up. It’s a trap anyway, and who likes to walk into something, when they know it’s a trap? I’m both a girlfriend and a mother, but also my own creative self. I like creating things, be it crafts or digital things, and I’d like to share my thoughts and experiences with you.

You are always more than welcome to throw me a comment, since I’m always happy to get some input. You can write me in English, but also German and Danish, if you feel more comfortable with any of those languages.

I hope to settle down here very soon, and to see you again when it happens!