I finally got around to using some of the new materials I’ve been buying the past few weeks. And not only that, but also some recycled material as well. It’s hard finding the time and energy for stuff like that right now, but I managed to squeeze in 4 bracelets in 2 days. It’s not a record, but it’s better than nothing at all. What made me kick my own bum and get something done might have been the fact that I sold some jewelry recently, and my stash is shrinking, which is a bad thing, considering that I want to open an Etsy shop.


A while ago, I got a custom order from a friend who wanted a bracelet to represent every person that meant something special to her, and she gave me instructions on what she had in mind, to which I commented on what was possible for me to do and what not, until we came to an agreement. I began right away, but got slow really fast, as my energy faded into nothingness. Yet, I still managed to get all of them done, and even came up with a good idea for the one that was meant to represent myself. They were shipped as soon as possible, and she got them after only 3 days.


At the same time I did the bracelets, another friend wanted a bottle charm I had posted on Instagram, and asked me to put it on Etsy for her once my shop would open. As I wasn’t sure when I’d get to open, as I’m really busy trying to find a new home, getting a dog, and overall just being alive, I uploaded it especially for her. I was afraid of the shipping part though, as the bottle was made of glass, so I made sure to buy a tiny box to put it in, while shipping it in a normal small sized box stuffed with newspaper. It arrived few days later in perfect condition. She was so happy with it, that she’s getting a custom order ready for me, for another necklace.



Yesterday, our old family counselor stopped by, not only to bring a birthday present my son forgot at her place last week, but also to buy some of my bracelets. It felt rather awkward opening my box of self-made jewelry for her to look through them, but as it wasn’t the first time she was looking, she already knew what she was going for. She grabbed the acrylic rose bead bracelet, and the green faceted glass bead bracelet, as she thought those would suit her best. She’s a sucker for roses! Watching her trying to close the macramé closure by herself for the first time was rather fun, but she quickly got the hang of it, and went out the door with the green one already on her wrist.



During the weekend, I found a nice golden necklace in a second hand shop, and pulled it apart and cleaned it when getting home. The parts were screaming at me to create something with them, so that’s just what I did. I had some old black waxed cord lying around, which I used to create 2 half recycled bracelets, using a piece of chain and a ring from the necklace. Today, I grabbed my newly bought waxed cord in flashy colors, and made some summer bracelets with some of the materials I bought over the past few weeks. I need to get used to working with that kind of cord, but I really like the results.

While sending my boy off to scout camp, I met one of my old friends who thought I should make earrings, as she’s really into self-made earrings, and believed it to be a good addition to my hobby, when already making bracelets and necklaces. I must admit, I never really gave earrings a thought, as I don’t have any holes in my ears myself, but I looked into the idea, and I rather like it. As it requires almost the same materials as I already have, I’ll be sure to at least try it out. But no rings… I’ll never do rings, as they differ too much in sizes for each person, and I’m just not into the trouble of creating such things!

Hope I’ll get more done soon, and that my Etsy shop will be filled with colorful pieces 🙂

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Glitter Bokeh
Wall Clock

Always Love You
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Glitter Bokeh
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