First off; this is not a review! I’m not gonna review a movie that is so forgettable… And yes, it is! We watched it yesterday, because my boys wanted to. I actually didn’t even want to, and now I regret sitting in an uncomfy seat for what felt like 5 hours. Today, I already forgot having watched it. No shit! It just came to me again right now, and it’s already late evening! Normally when we go watch a movie, we talk about it for a few days, and the little one especially. But nothing…

But why is it such a bad movie? It’s actually pretty easy to point out what makes this absolutely horrible, but I don’t know where to start. If you grew up with the original Ghostbusters, like I did, you would have come to love the weird characters, the funny yet a bit scary story, and the fact that they were very well made for their time. The new movie, which is something Hollywood would probably call a remake, has none of that. None!

The characters are funny the first 20 – 30 minutes of the movie, and then it’s time to leave with a still somewhat good impression. The way the women meet is actually good, and it feels like they belong together in some weird way. But after they’re done forming their group, they don’t click anymore. All they do is throw around bad slapstick one-liners that feel awkward and misplaced. The only character I really liked was Kevin, played by Chris Hemsworth, as he at least felt genuinely stupid all the time, which he was supposed to be anyway. The worst character was by far the villain, who had no motive whatsoever for what he did, besides destruction maybe? Typical lonely outsider stereotype.

Moving on to the story, there is nothing much to say really. It’s bland and very predictable, at least from where the ghost stuff takes off. The way they get their slogan doesn’t exist. Their logo comes from someone who plays a role for a few seconds. The equipment sorta just gets made by Holtzmann, and although there is a testing phase in one of the scenes, it just feels like she threw it all together with no knowledge whatsoever about how they might end up working. If they had left out some of the awkward slapstick, and filled it with process instead, I would maybe have liked it. And don’t even get me started on the climactic events that felt very half-hearted and squeezed in…

The overall CGI was nice, and looked like they could have been from the old movies, but it just wasn’t enough. There were very few moments the 3D glasses made the effects shine, and it felt unnecessary to even make this a 3D movie. Moving on to the hot topic of the movie now; Cameos! Yes, some of the old cast shows up here and there, but no, it wasn’t needed at all. Their presence actually felt awkward in some way. Had it been a sequel, then fine, but in this remake they just felt out of place. Dan Aykroyd is NOT a taxi driver FFS! I know that he had his fingers in the making of this movie, but he messed up real bad. When he said in an interview, that the movie was worth watching, he gave it more credit than deserved, even if it had been a DVD release only.

I really don’t know how I could stay awake during this mess of a movie. Maybe it was the obligatory douchebag behind me kicking my seat until I threw some words at him, or maybe it was the fact that I was really hungry, and kept myself awake while eating popcorn. Or maybe it was because of the air-condition, which was so loud, it could have ruined basically ANY movie. I was freezing, hungry, tired, had to pee, and wanted to leave so bad… Had I been alone, I swear, this would have been the first movie ever for me to walk out on. I even managed to stay when watching The Da Vinci Code, because I slept through it like a baby.

I don’t know… I just feel bad whenever watching a movie at the cinema I didn’t like. Yesterday, I felt like an idiot though, because the cinema itself is also just overall bad. I can’t wait for it to get some competition! Please tear down that building faster, so we can get a new one up!

In the end, I guess I just really want to warn whoever reads this, that this movie is really bad, and unless you have never watched the original Ghostbusters movies, you will feel awkward and uncomfy for the most part of it. Please Dan Aykroyd, don’t make a sequel! Although I guess he will, as the ending of the movie kind of says it all…

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