As promised, here’s my dog post! It’s been a week since we picked him up, and he’s doing so fine. It’s a struggle finding time for my other hobbies right now, so bear with me if I can’t write that often these first weeks. Anyway, he’s our little Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup, his name is Arthur, and he is one tiny bundle of pure energy! Seriously, I only get to do something when he’s sleeping, but the good thing is though, that he sleeps just about anywhere… except in his bed.

It’s a struggle to get him clean though, as he really likes to pee and poo inside, where it’s nice and warm. We try to catch him while doing his business, but he’s so fast, it’s almost impossible. When my boyfriend takes him for a walk, he sometimes does his business outside, but when I do, he only pees, and then wants to play. I take it we won’t get him clean until after we’ve moved, as we’ll have better options of letting him go outside. I just hope he won’t be too old to learn it by then. But until then, we clean the floor every 5 minutes *sigh*

He’s getting used to his name, and often reacts when we call him. He is also learning not to bite us, as it hurts a lot with his small sharp teeth. A loud and sharp “No!” usually stops him from biting whatever he’s sinking his teeth into, but when he’s all pumped up, he doesn’t listen. Today, he bit my thumb bloody while playing and I gave him a good old scolding. His facial expression obviously showed regret, and he walked slowly into the kitchen to cool off. 5 minutes later, he came back to play, but didn’t bite anymore. I guess that was a success? We’ll see when he wakes up…

Overall, I think it’s all fine, and that we’ll get him clean at some point in the future. Right now, he’s just so excited about everything and everyone he sees; it must be hard for him with all the inputs. He settled down here surprisingly fast though, especially when thinking about the breeder telling us he was mommy’s little boy. I expected him to miss her and his siblings, and stay in the bed with the towel we got from his past home. But nope, he doesn’t care about neither bed nor towel, he just wants daddy’s old stinking socks, lots of bellyrubs, and some company when he’s eating.

Of course he has his own Instagram account, where both my boyfriend and I upload photos of his adventures and lazy times in bed… Our bed. And that’s where you’ll find news about him, as I don’t want to spam Corgi posts here 🙂

From Arthur’s Instagram.

From Arthur’s Instagram.

From Arthur’s Instagram.

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