Huh? Has that crazy old hag gotten herself another hobby? Both yes and no. I’ve been writing on my own story for many years now, but something tells me, that I should write it as a book, instead of a chapter-to-chapter online story. Actually, that something was a someone, but let me start from the beginning, and I’ll get to how I ended up deciding to write a book.

It must have been at least 5 years ago, when I came up with the idea of writing a story. Back then, I wrote down my ideas on paper, with small family trees, names and sketches. I’ve long since lost those notes and sketches, but the idea stuck, and eventually grew into a real story, which I started writing and putting online in German, on my old website. I had 3 chapters online, but overall had 5 done. I also had drawings of the 3 first main characters online, and planned on doing some interactive stuff with the readers. Something like that is called a Staffel in German, where you dedicate a website to your story, characters, and related stuff. Often though, people steal images from other artists and recolor them, which made me proud to actually make everything myself.

Moving to our old apartment though, where everything was a total mess with the upstairs neighbors, I lost my spirit, and got nothing done due to lack of sleep and constant stress. It was during that time though, that I created this blog, and I thought I’d rewrite the story in English, and then publish it here, still as a Staffel project, with slightly renewed story and art. Although you may not be able to see anything on here, I actually did write a chapter in English. We found a house and decided to move again though, which further delayed my plans.

During all that time, I’ve been working on my story and characters in my head, and didn’t want to give it up. Chatting with someone on Instagram, I realized that I didn’t have to give it up, but would need to approach the project from a different direction. Maybe that Staffel project wasn’t my thing after all, as I sadly don’t have the time for it. She wrote me, that she’d like for people to read her story, but not until it’s done, and only as a book. This is mainly because of her being afraid of someone stealing her idea, which is understandable. When you have an original story, you don’t want anyone to steal it.

Thinking about her words for some days, I decided to do the same. My story didn’t start out as very original or thought through, so it never really mattered to me who would read it. All I wanted was to write about my ideas, and hopefully someone would like them, and want to follow my chapters. Having to push out a chapter regularly was already a big burden some years ago though, and it has not gotten easier for me, so that’s not the ideal approach for me anymore. On top of that, working with my characters and story has turned it into quite the original piece, and I’d not want for anyone to be able to use my ideas along the way, while my story is not even finished yet.

So, I ended up scrapping my old chapters, both in German and English, and am now concentrating on writing my story as a book instead. It’s a completely different thing, and not as easy as it might sound. I decided to start off my story in the past, which was a part I wanted to reveal later on, and it makes a huge difference in the telling of my story, and the relations the characters share with each other. While the basic idea is still the same as always, I have to change everything about how I tell it to the reader. The chapters will have to be longer, and I can’t introduce a new character for every one of them. The story has to flow, and pull the reader into a completely different world, that must not be too hard to understand.

I won’t be publishing it under my real name though, as I have a very Danish family name, which will be hard to read and pronounce for people outside of Scandinavia. It lead me to read about pseudonyms and pen names, and after talking loudly about that, my son told me I can’t write a book… Well, you little shit; I take that as a dare! Needless to say, that I have already written chapter 0 (the past), and am working hard on chapter 1 (the present). I’m thinking about posting chapter 0 (which is very short) on here for some feedback, but am not sure about that idea yet. It’s only used as an introduction, so it’s not like I’m gonna reveal anything by posting it online, but since it’s gonna be a massive story, I might be working on it for years to come. This means, that I might change the chapter, or that the reader will lose interest after such a long time.

Should I post it here? And do you have experience with writing a book or novel? Would you like to? Please share your thoughts about this project, or the overall idea of being an amateur writer 🙂

PS: The header is an old portrait of my main character. In case someone was wondering what it has to do with this topic.

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