Posting from my newly repaired PC again. Hope it works this time, as I can’t take it anymore! That’s not what this post is about though. It’s about the goals that I have set for myself, but fail to really reach. I think everyone experiences this, though it might not always be the person’s own fault when the goal is not being reached. I am at fault for my own fails though, and I want to change that!

First off, it’s not a secret that I have a lot of hobbies. I enjoy having something to do, and I often choose one hobby over the other, depending on my mood and energy. Though it feels good having something to choose from, it feels absolutely horrible when I can’t complete something. It’s because I jump too much between my hobbies. While I get some seashells ready for being painted during the first half of the day, I might end up cutting images for bookmarks during the other half. This recently resulted in our table being filled with stuff for both activities, and I felt stressed because of that.

So, while I enjoy doing both things, I shouldn’t do them both at the same time. I can’t help it though, and that’s what I want to change! I want to complete one thing before I start the next, so that’s my new main goal. I started out completing the bookmarks I began creating in December, and it felt so wonderful, that after painting the seashells that also filled the table, I began making even more bookmarks, which I will finish before doing anything else. Babysteps.

I’m also really good at getting stuck in front of YouTube and Netflix, binge watching various series and how-to videos, as well as those annoyingly hypnotizing toplists about shit that no one really needs to know. I need to stop doing that! Watching one or two episodes of New Girl is also enough! I don’t need to watch five episodes, do I? No! I just re-watched all episodes of Modern Family, and now that I think about how I could have completed reading The Divine Comedy instead, or drawing my Kan’i, or write chapter one of my story, or basically everything that’s on my to-do list, I feel horrible.

In my head, I’ve multiple times used the excuse, that it’s hard doing something without a working PC with internet. While that is true for some of my goals, like opening my Storenvy shop, it’s just a really bad excuse in most cases. I don’t need the PC to read a book that’s actually lying right in front of me. I also don’t need the PC to draw something, as I use my laptop for that. Writing is easier at the PC, because it has a newer version of Word, but it’s not really essential when just typing a draft that I need to edit later anyway.

And then there’s the mobile game trap. Boy, do I spend a lot of time on my mobile games now, it’s ridiculous! I only play Sid Story and Otogi after deleting tons of games that swallowed my time, but it seems the time I wanted to save by deleting those other games, is now just being spent on those two instead. And while I’m on the phone already, I also check Toluna every five minutes, because why not. Sure, I get a bit of money from being on Toluna, but I’d not lose anything, if I just checked it a few times a day instead.

*sigh* These are my issues, and the reason for never getting anything done, or rather completed. I need to spend less time in front of the TV, and waaay less time on my phone. Phew, well anyway, as mentioned above, I have been completing some stuff. I don’t have a photo of the seashells that I completed, but as they look almost the same as the ones I did last time, I don’t think it matters, does it? But here are the bookmarks I made!

From my private Instagram account.

From my private Instagram account.

On top of that, I’ve edited the tiny piece of chapter one I had written a while ago, and posted the first few lines of it on Instagram. I tell you, it made at least five followers run away from me, haha! It’s a personal account though, where I post personal stuff, so deal with it. I have also unfollowed over 20 accounts, as I have noticed how the really big accounts swallow up the smaller ones. I hate how Instagram decides for me what posts should be at the top of my feed, but by only following a few accounts, I’m sure not to miss what I really want to see. FU IG!

From my private Instagram account.

From my private Instagram account.

And on a side note! Mommy here got a new blender, a sandwich maker, and some very pretty drinking glasses last week! And do you wanna know what I paid for all that? 0! Zip! Nothing! I bought them with points from YouGov, where I take surveys regularly. It feels good when collecting points finally pays off.

I’m sorry for the long post this time, just had to get some things out of my system. My next post will be a review of Yuri!!! on Ice, which I really enjoyed binge watching. And since it’s now springtime, I’m thinking about writing an article about collecting and preserving some materials for do-it-yourself projects, that nature provides us with 🙂

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