This post should actually have been a review of Ergo Proxy, but since I’m having issues finding a site that wants to stream it via Chromecast to the TV, I sadly have to scratch that for now. So instead, I decided to cheer myself up with some Hetalia! I loved The Beautiful World, and have wanted to watch it from the very beginning for some years now, so that’s what I did. What to expect though?

Imagine every country in the world getting stripped down to their bare clichés, then add some personality, and spice everything up by putting them in historical situations. Now just watch it happen! That’s basically Hetalia, and although every episode only takes up 5 minutes of your time, you will feel fulfilled. Every single episode managed to put a smile on my face, or even burst out laughing.

Now, where’s the obligatory text about the on-going story in this series? It starts out with Italy being bullied by other countries, and trying to get help from Germany, with whom he becomes friends, along with Japan. And those 3 fight against countries like America, England, France, Russia and China, opening up the gates to some absurd scenes.

It’s hard writing about this, since every episode is basically its own story, but it’s fun, weird and cute, and I recommend giving it a try. I want to watch more Hetalia at some point, but now I have to go do something more important… Like finding Canada.