The road is long

Yes, it’s time for a random update post about stuff I’ve completed, and stuff I am still reaching towards! First of all; I’ve made a lot of bookmarks. Like… A LOT! It’s so much fun, even though it takes up a lot of time. I think I’ve made enough for now though, as I have no idea where to put them all. Maybe I should start looking for a box of a bigger size than what I have now when visiting flea markets? Yeah, I’ll do that.

From my Instagram.

From my Instagram.

From my Instagram.

Ghosty has found his way to products on Redbubble and Society6. 12 Ghosty designs have been added to both accounts, and it’s now possible to buy various products with the little fellow. This also means that I have changed the shop page here on the blog, as I want it to be more prominent on mobile devices. While the position in the menu doesn’t matter that much on a PC, it sure makes a difference on a smartphone! It’s now at the very top of the drop-down menu, and I hope it helps in terms of visibility. Ghosty would sure love to see the world!

That’s it for now! So what do you think? I sure hope that my dear Ghosty will find some nice homes around the world. Oh, I’m also planning new designs for him, and am open to new ideas if you have special wishes 🙂

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  1. Die Lesezeichen sind ja süß <3 Richtig Knuffig. Die Armbänder sehen auch gut aus ^^

    • Danke, es macht auch Spass sie zu erstellen! Könnte ewig nur Lesezeichen machen *-*

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