I’ve watched another series consistent of short episodes, that I’d really like to recommend. It’s called Honobono Log, and is completed after 10 episodes of 2 minutes each. Now you might think, that 2 minutes ain’t enough to get into an actual story, but I assure you; it is!

Each episode follows different characters, and you get to know just enough to get a good picture of their situation, even though you haven’t seen what led to the specific scene you are watching. As all characters are normal people like you and me, placed in situations we can all relate to somehow, it’s easy to get caught up in each episode after just a few seconds.

I got some giggles out of it, but also a few tears in my eyes. The overall theme of the series is love, but not only the normal love between couples that we might think of first. It’s also love between children and their parents, lost love, and most important; everyday love, that we show each other through gestures rather than direct sentences.

The animations are kept simple, and reminded me more of a manga coming to life, rather than an actual anime. It looks like a shoujo romance, but it’s a good watch for any gender, at any age. So if you’ve got 20 mins to kill, give this series a shot. I don’t believe you will regret it 😀

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