Although I like blogging about creative crafting and the like, it’s no secret that I also like watching anime, let alone because of the reviews I leave on here on a regular basis. I’ve often seen people discuss how they watch them, but it seemed more like a discussion about how many animes they’ve watched, and what series they’d want others to watch… and NOT to watch. Some sort of bragging, bashing and discrimination, which seems to be everyday anime-talk nowadays. But why?

I’ve often been asked “Are you on MAL?”. No, I’m not at the mall… Oh wait, My Anime List! Why would I be on there? Isn’t it just to keep track of the series you have watched, want to watch, don’t want to watch, and have dropped? I don’t see the meaning. This has led me to think about how and what I watch though, and I’d like to share a few thoughts about it with you.

First of all; I watch basically everything. I don’t care whether a series is a high school drama, magical girls, mecha or what have you. If it’s good, I watch it. I’ve heard about the 3 episodes rule, and even the 1 episode rule, and you know what? Screw them! I can sometimes watch 5 minutes, and have enough of a series. I’ve even scrapped a series after 6 episodes, because it kept drowning itself in one question, that I’d have to watch all 12 episodes to get an answer to, and I just didn’t want to waste that time. So yeah, that’s how I drop a series. No rules, only interest vs. no interest.

But when I do like a series… I still have no rules for how to watch it. Yeah, I tune in to watch the newest episode of Attack on Titan every weekend. Who doesn’t? But I actually like watching series that are complete already, as I can then watch as many or little episodes as I want, whenever I want. I watched Hetalia in just a few days, and Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi in just 1. It depends on the series, and of course also my time.

Now, how do I choose what to watch? I often jump back to series I started many years ago, but never got to finish due to how hard it was to get episodes back in the days. I also like catching up on series that caught my interest a while ago, or even years ago, because I can watch them without having to wait a week for every episode. I only watch weekly if it’s a series I really want to be all caught up with, like Sailor Moon Crystal, Free! or Attack on Titan. I will surely devour every episode of Code Geass season 3 once it starts airing too! I also follow the hype, if the series that’s being hyped about looks interesting, but I often wait until all episodes are out.

TL;DR? Okay, so I think there are no rules, and no one should be forced to watch a specific series because others think it’s dope. There is also no rule as to when a series gets good, and should maybe be dropped if it’s not the case. Binge watching is awesome, but so is catching up with the latest episode of your favorite show.

You can agree or not, but that’s how I do it 🙂

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