It’s already been one year! I posted my first blog post 24th of May 2016, and have written over 50 posts since. It’s been everything, from personal thoughts, issues and rants, to crafting with paper, yarn, chains and other stuff. I’ve written quite a handful of anime reviews, as well as other stuff. And it’s been fun!

I decided to start blogging because of the creative freedom it would give me, and I’m very happy with the outcome. In the past year, I have indeed felt more free, and have had time to do other stuff than just coding and designing layouts. I didn’t expect much from WordPress when I first installed it, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Granted, the entire site has sometimes been down for a while because of plugins acting weird (W3 Cache anyone? Ugh…), but it’s been nice to just write and post.

Writing down my milestones and goals has also helped me reach even more milestones and goals than earlier, especially because I also post my stuff on Instagram, where I’ve gotten comments and likes the instant I post something, motivating me even further. I’m bad at promoting this here blog though, so comments on here have been sparse, only coming from friends and people who want to link exchange. But you know what? I appreciate that too! Very much!

I must admit though, I have no big future plan for this here blog, as I work on it bit by bit, and am fine with that. This is my tiny space on the internet, and I cherish it just the way it is now. That doesn’t mean though, that I won’t come up with some sort of evil masterplan someday, and change everything from the bottom and up! Chances are slim though, haha!

So happy birthday Colorpieces! 😀

Stationery Cards

Bath Mat

Glitter Bokeh
Spiral Notebook

Little Witches
Tote Bag