Or, well, I don’t. But I do hate staged ones, and they seem to be taking over the net to the point where it’s not possible to escape them, even if you try. So yeah, I’m sorry, but this is going to be a hate post. What made me want to let out steam on this topic is, that I’ve got a depression these weeks, and it’s especially bad right now, where I tend to just stay in bed until 2pm, and of course I spend some of that time on Instagram. And there they are…

I don’t even follow any accounts that post staged lifestyle photos, or well, I follow one, because I (somewhat) know the person who runs it. But really, I mainly follow accounts with bunnies, dogs, crafting, drawing and private friends who post whatever shit they feel like, just like I do. Yet, when I hit that explore button, I see them, those staged lifestyle photos that make me want to vomit all over the account they come from.

What I mean with staged is, that they are unnatural in every way possible, yet they are still being posted as some sort of proof of a lifestyle that the poster is obviously not part of. It’s downright disgusting, and a direct lie. I’ve never understood the need to stage yourself up for others on the internet. People you don’t know, and will never meet. Why fish for their compliments? Why try to make them jealous of a life you are not even living?

I recently watched a YouTube video that shows what I mean, and if you have 3 minutes to spare, I recommend watching it, so I’ll just drop it here.


See what I mean? Now, I’ve got nothing against wanting to look good in a profile photo and the like, but this is just too much.

What do I think when I see staged lifestyle photos on Instagram and the like? Well, as an example, if a person keeps posting food from cafés and restaurants, I think that this poor idiot must be too dumb to cook up a delicious looking meal him/herself, and feels the need to let others do it for him/her in order to get likes from strangers for something he/she didn’t do. Fake much? We have a saying here for behavior like that; to crown yourself with the laurels of other people.

I also hate beach photos with feet or legs on them. Seriously? You could be anyone, and do not prove anything! And when will people stop posting 10 selfies a day? I never know if the person is madly in love with him/herself, or has so little confidence, that they need other people’s approval of their looks. It’s gone beyond that nowadays though, as people make their friends take photos of them in various poses, just to post even more of themselves. And all those girls and young women who are practically naked in front of a mirror when taking a selfie… Please give me your addresses, so I can stop by and hammer a few things into your empty heads!

*sigh* Oh well, in the end, we are all allowed to post whatever we like, no? But we are also entitled to think what we want about the things we don’t like, and I felt the need to think very loud about this. What concerns me the most though is, that the internet never forgets… And that the stupidity of man is as infinite as the universe. Thanks Einstein!

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