Last week I watched a video of The Anime Man, which was an interview with the author of a light novel that caused his breakthrough as a writer. I didn’t watch all of it, as it was a bit of a drag I think, but one thing got stuck in my head. He wrote like 16 light novels in 9 months! Okay, so he was single and unemployed, and he said he had all the time in the world, but still, 16 ideas and stories done in 9 months, that impressive!

It made me think of my own writing, or lack thereof. You know that feeling when something is bothering you, but you can’t quite pinpoint what exactly it is? Yeah, that’s what I felt about my own story so far; something. It didn’t feel like a real novel to me, so after watching the most interesting part of that video, I thought a lot about what I’ve been doing. Then, few days ago while gathering in FFXIV (I always read stuff while gathering, else I’d die from boredom), I decided to read up on light novels, and found some very interesting articles.

Until now, all I’ve been reading about were normal novels, so it was quite refreshing to read about something with no rules or limitations. Or well, novels don’t have those either, but light novels have more freedom it seems. Then I realized what has been bothering me all this time; my story is very dialog heavy! The story is being told through dialog, and not by what is actually happening. On top of that, my characters are very much inspired by anime and manga. Light novels rely on dialog instead of actions, are inspired by (and sometimes adapted to) anime and manga, so… I’m writing a light novel?

I let that new thought sink in for a few hours, and while doing so, it felt like a heavy burden had been removed from my shoulders. The burden of feeling like what I’m doing isn’t nearly as good as it should be, and not wanting to move forward with it because of that. But I wasn’t at fault; it was just me thinking in the wrong lane. I’m not writing a normal novel, I’m writing a light novel!

Then my thoughts went back to the video I watched, and that the author wasn’t just concentrating on one story for starters. As weird as it may sound, I also watched a video about the psychological aspects of Boku no Pico. Yep, Boku no Pico… And one thing there made me think about something I’d like to write about; observing random people. So I went and wrote a very short first person story of 1½ pages, where people are being observed by someone sitting on a bench. It’s a story with very little dialog, and it was refreshing to write it! I might publish it on a site at some point, but right now I’ll just leave it be.

Writing something very different than what I’ve been working on the past months has revitalized me, and new ideas for my main story are finding their way to my notes. I still have tons of other stuff I want to do before I write again, but I feel much better about what I’ve done so far, and it will surely help me when writing the rest of it 🙂

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