Welcome to my very first TRASH POST! This will not be about anything that’s really important to me, no useful info, and no talk about my crafting stuff. Or well, FFXIV crafting maybe…

Anyway, my mom dropped the news, that she’ll be moving from my stepdad, because she needs to find herself. If that ain’t the worst excuse ever for a stupid decision, then I don’t know what is! Alas, that’s not the reason of me making this post though, as the title suggests, because I just don’t have any words for it.

It did make me angry though, and when I’m angry, I make stupid decisions too. I’ve been playing with the thought of an extra retainer in FFXIV for a while now, because although I try my best to clean up the two I already have, it’s still not enough. I need marketplace space, and some bags to store all my materials and crafted stuff that I don’t need anymore and just want to sell. So today I thought “Fuck it!”, went to Mog Station and read up on what it would require for me to get an extra retainer, if only for the rest of this month’s subscription period. I just need that extra space until I’m done crafting, but I can only keep crafting with that extra space.

There are 23 days left of this month’s subscription, so hiring a retainer would cost me 1,07€, and then 1,40€ for the next 30 days after that, if I decide to keep him around. I thought it was alright, and signed up for one extra retainer. Back in the game, I had to customize him, and yes, I made it a ‘him’. The other two I have are girls, so I wanted a male this time. And I wanted him to be sexy! I ended up making him look like a vampire kitty, which I thought was fun, and it was approved by the Sid Story circle chat on Line *lol*

In need of a personality, I made him carefree. What gave me a headache was having to name him though. Back in 2013 when I made my other two retainers, I could name them whatever I wanted, as no names were taken yet. Now, in 2017, it’s a little more difficult. Thinking about a vampire name, all I could come up with was Lestat, but it was, of course, taken. Bummer! Then I looked up vampire names on Google, but they all sounded like shit, or very generic…

“Oh, whatever, let’s try some weird shit!” was my thought after giving up on Google, and so I did…


My first reaction was a dropped jaw that went all the way down to the floor. Then I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off, and it took quite a while for me to get my act together again, and realize what I had done. It’s not like I expected the name to be available, I just typed it in because it usually helps find other names when I type in whatever shit that comes to mind. But, uhm, my vampire kitty is now named Deadpool, and he’s selling acid and other random stuff on Phoenix, so… If you see him, just buy whatever he’s selling, else he’ll come find Francis YOU!

I already love him though, and I don’t think I’ll be able to unsub him after these 23 days, or however long it might take me to reduce my pile of trash. We’ll see how it goes though… Now I can at least craft until I drop dead from the chair, which was exactly what I wanted!

Girly Skulls

Throw Pillow

True love!
Biker Tank

Bath Mat