Let me tell you about my plans. My plans to take over the world! Well okay, that’s not a hobby of mine… But I do like to craft, and I’ve decided to let February be the month of crafting for me. Although I didn’t really complete Inktober, it has inspired me to start my own little challenge for myself. The idea came to me when I looked through my crafting materials and thought “I have a lot of sweet shit!”, but I very rarely get to do something with it, and would like to change that.

I’ve got both old and new ideas for crafts, and even have half done stuff lying around, that I just never got to finish. It’s about time I change that, and kick myself in my sorry behind! So the plan with Crafty February is, that I complete these crafts, and do at least one craft every day of the month! And I only want to use materials that I already have, so no more buying new stuff because I think that I need more materials for a specific idea. I’m gonna look through my stuff, and when I find something that fits an idea, I’m gonna realize it.

It doesn’t matter what I craft. It could be a simple bracelet, a keychain, bookmarks, tea cup candles, whatever! As long as I get something done, that’s the important part of it. I’m well aware that it will be hard to find the time on some days, but then I will do my best to craft 2 or more things on other days to keep up.

The plan is to post it on Instagram and Tumblr, but I might not do it every day, and just compile my feats into a weekly photo dump. The same goes for blogging about it here, which I will surely only do once a week, but of course much more elaborate than I would on either of the social media sites.
So yeah, that’s my plan for February! If you want to do something like that yourself, then here are the guidelines (not rules, it’s supposed to be fun, and rules are no fun!).

– Craft 1 thing every day.

– If you skip a day, try to craft 2 things the next day.

– The craft can be anything you like.

– If you don’t make it all through the month, it doesn’t matter.

– Have fun!

Pokémon Pattern

iPhone Skin

Little Witches
Tote Bag

Artsy Love
Hardcover Journal