Yeah, another anime review! I actually watched both Death Parade and this one back in January, but because I don’t want to post too much (is that even possible?), I decided to schedule the reviews for them. Me being busy this month is also a reason for that decision, because I can feel more relaxed when knowing my blog is being updated with fresh content. But enough talk; let’s go on with the review.

Madoka is a normal girl going to high school with her best friends. One night, she has a dream about a girl fighting a monster, and all she can do is watch. That same girl starts in her class the next morning, and her name is Homura. Although she seems fairly reserved, it’s obvious that there’s more to her than meets the eye, as she seems to know Madoka already, as well as the school building.

It doesn’t take long until they meet in a different manner, when Himura is hunting a creature named Kyubey, almost killing it. The creature seeks help from Madoka, and kind as she is; she rescues the little thing from Homura, together with another girl named Mami. She’s a so-called magical girl, and explains to Madoka how Kyubey is precious to her, as well as showing her what it’s like to hunt witches, which is what magical girls are contracted to do by Kyubey.

Together with Sayaka, Madoka’s best friend, she explores a world different than her own, and gets drawn into it, although she is not a magical girl herself. It is revealed to them, that to become a magical girl, you need to have a strong wish, and to fulfil that wish, you sign a contract with Kyubey. Sayaka decides that her wish is worth the powers of a magical girl, and becomes the protector of the city. The exact rules of the contract she signed have yet to be discovered by her and the other magical girls though…

While Madoka Magica is different from other magical girl shows, it still has the core features like fighting for the ones you love, evil monsters that can only be defeated by the girls, death and rebirth, and of course friendship. And without dropping any spoilers, I can say that the ending is so darn cliché that it almost hurts.

Still, adding a thing like depression to the mix, and girls who cannot overcome their self-doubt just by being loved is refreshingly new. The scenes with the witches are very creatively done, and so is the story and its twists overall. You just have to deal with some slow episodes in the beginning, until it all starts to unfold.

I will drop some spoilers now, because there is a thing about this series that irks me, so if you want to watch it for yourself, don’t read on. You have been warned. So, the thing is that Homura’s wish is to go back in time to where she first met Madoka, which creates a time loop in the end. When Homura goes back, Madoka is already a magical girl, time and time again, no matter how often she returns. Then how come Madoka is not a magical girl in the timeline we experience in the series? Did Homura become strong enough to break her own wish, and go further back in time than the contract stated she could? Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention to this part of the series, so it really annoys me…

Well anyway, it was a really nice watch, and I do recommend it, if you’re tired of regular magical girl series 🙂

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