This series was kind of a special ride for me, as I just found it by random, and wanted to peek inside the first episode, which ended up with me watching the entire thing, because it was just that good. Granted, I didn’t expect anything from it, so it was rather easy for the show to win me over, but I have my reasons for liking it a lot, which I will get to after a short review of the plot.

It all starts when the king and queen of the small farmer country Inaco send their daughter off to sign a peace treaty between them and the two big countries surrounding them; Milidonia and Selenfalen. The peace treaty is to be signed in Selenfalen, as Inaco is in danger of being invaded by Milidonia, so it’s the most neutral place to do it. Princess Ani of Inaco then starts a journey through all three countries with the princes of the other nations, to further solidify their new friendship.

Narek, the prince of Milidonia is a bit of a hothead though, and always gets his will, which he will now get used to not getting. Ruze on the other hand, the blessed prince of Selenfalen, is used to having people do everything for him, and can barely get by without his prime minister. Lucky for Ani, she has her loving knight Teo with her, and the princes have their somewhat wiser right hand friends with them.

Needless to say that their journey won’t be without trouble, as they tend to interfere with the people of the countries they’re in, as well as get caught up in various adventures along the way. As they get to know and respect each other, they also work together when bigger issues are threatening their friends, families and nations. And the biggest threat is lurking just around the corner…

Now, Dame x Prince might just be another otome series to some, but to me it was 100% fun. The series is so bloody self-aware, that it’s hard not to laugh. I laughed with it, and not at it. While the princes are mainly oblivious to their surroundings, Ani is aware of everything, and it’s so much fun watching how she’s struggling with her thoughts. While most otome protagonists are the ones who seem unaware of what is happening, it’s the exact opposite here, and it’s a very nice twist to the genre.

Dame x Prince is a feel-good series, with lots of quirky and colorful characters. Even when it gets serious in the end, it retains the humor of the previous episodes, and never feels boring. It even has various endings and funny remarks by the voice actors afterwards, as well as a Pokémon rip-off break in every episode, asking you “Who’s that prince?”, again with funny comments.

I guess you have to like the otome genre to enjoy this series, but if you do, then I warmly recommend it.

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