It’s incredible how much you can accomplish when you have peace and quiet again. No, our neighbor (sadly) didn’t move or die, but she was gone for a week, and it was glorious! I finally got to start reading a new book, and I chose Around the World in 80 Days. So far, I’m 4 chapters in, Phileas is in Paris, and I like it a lot. I’ve also completed a set of bracelet and necklace that I worked on for over a month. Making all the little beaded parts was hell, but it finally paid off. My Society6 account has also been updated, so their new table products are now available with most of my designs. I also got around to check if I had missed something last time I updated, which I had; travel mugs!

When it comes to watching anime, I’ve not yet found a series that has caught my interest. However, I did watch both episodes of Soutai Sekai, and I rather liked it. They are only 15 mins each, so if you want to kill time, try watching them. They don’t offer enough material for me to actually write a full review, but I’ll try to write a few words here and now. It’s about parallel worlds, one that resembles ours, and one in which Japan is ruled by a princess who has torn the country apart. Every world has the same humans living in it, and if a person dies in one world, he/she will also die in the corresponding parallel world. This has resulted in an innocent father dying in our world, because he was executed by the princess in the other world, and a boy has been left behind without a family. He has a cousin though, who wants to take care of him, but everything gets turned into a grim tale when a boy from the parallel world turns up. I can’t write more than that, because it would spoiler the entire twist of this short story. I would have loved for this to be an entire series, but the 2 episodes actually tell enough of a story for the viewer to make up the rest. So yeah, go and watch it, it’s interesting!

When it comes to my own story though, I’m not really getting anywhere right now. However, I have come up with some new plots for it, so there’s at least that. I also plan on making my own printed copy when I’m done (in 20-30 years, haha!), because I do know how to bookbind in a simple way, and I think it would be fun. It motivates me a little, and I hope that I’ll get chapter 4 done this month. I also want to make a timeline, but I’ll do that later, as I want to have some more of the story written down first.

Also, I think next month will be the time when I get a new laptop. I’ve been saving ever since I returned the pen tablet, and am just about to reach my goal. And while we’re at new stuff, we went to Ikea this week and got some new cabinets and other things, so our living room is being remodeled a little these days. I hope we get to paint the entrance too very soon, because I have a project with an old coat rack that I want to try. Since the summer holidays are coming up, we might just be able to get a lot of stuff done. Yay!

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