Life is a bit challenging these days, but I manage to get things done. I actually finished chapter 4 some days ago, and am almost done with chapter 5. Yay! I also spent almost an entire day proof-reading everything, which resulted in many spelling corrections, removing some stuff, adding some other stuff, and correcting some inconsistencies that I didn’t notice in the story, because I suck at writing regularly. I’ve been working on the start of my story for about a year now, and I’ve asked a few people to try and read it for me, but it never goes anywhere. It doesn’t matter though, as I’m quite happy with the new changes to the chapters, so my old stuff is outdated and weird anyway. But I asked my mother in law if she’d read it for me, because I trust that she will put time and effort into it, and she will get a copy of the first 5 chapters this Friday. This means that I have a deadline, and will need chapter 5 done pretty darn soon. I’m nervous, but then again; so is she!

Well, anyway. My boyfriend had the brilliant idea of wanting to sign me up for a craft fair, although I suck when it comes to interacting with people, and I have no idea whatsoever what to do. I’m afraid he’s quite serious about it though, so I’ve been reading up on what to do, and what not to do of course, and have made a plan. Looking at what I have ready and what I could still complete within a short time-frame, I’m afraid that I won’t be attending a fair this year. I just don’t have enough crafts to fill a table. However, I’ve been wanting to buy display items for quite a while now, so I’ll start doing that next month, if not for a fair, then at least for my stuff to look good in the cabinet they are being stored in.

Talking about cabinets. We got some new ones from Ikea last week, and one of them was for my manga and movies. My old one was huge, and had 2 big drawers at the bottom, but it was bursting, quite literally. I managed to put stuff like games and portable consoles somewhere else, so that everything could be stored in the new and smaller cabinet, but… The 2 drawers was where I stored most of my paper stuff and seashells for crafting, and now it’s all stored on the dining table. I need one of those scrapbook organizers on wheels, and I’m probably gonna order one next month. Having all paper stored in small drawers will most definitely be better than in big and deep ones. I have some ideas for new bookmarks, so maybe it will motivate me to actually create something one of these weeks. We’ll see.

While it might not sound like I’ve got much done, I think it’s quite a lot. At least when compared to the past few months, where reading one chapter in a book was a real feat for me. Also, I’m a planner, so planning stuff takes up a lot of my time, and trying to plan a craft fair did rip a few days out of my calendar, haha. I also did not only correct and change my chapters; I also started working on a timeline for the story, and a brief character and reference sheet in separate documents. It was a ton of work, but I feel better about my writing now that it’s done.

One negative thing though is that I’ve started being awake at night again. Whether I work on crafts or watch murder shows on Investigation Discovery, being up until 2-3am is not uncommon for me anymore. Going to bed early was something I started working on half a year ago, and it went fine back then, but now… not so much. But then again, I do have some heavy stuff to worry about that I will not write here, so maybe it’s just a phase while I deal with these things. I hope so, because I am getting pretty tired of being tired.