As I wrote in my last entry, I’m getting some stuff done again, and I might even attend a craft fair next year. I’m actually quite sure that I will. And as I’m a planner, I am trying to prepare already now, because you can never prepare too early, right? I’m already quite sure of what to bring and how to set up my stuff, even though I don’t have any display items yet. That’s how crazy of a planner I am *sigh* Today though, my thoughts brought me to the next step; a place where I can have everything. One URL to rule them all on a business card or other kind of ‘reach me here’ campaign.

My first thought was actually to just pick 3 or 4 sites, and then go with them. But have you looked at my ‘Find me here’ widget lately? It’s growing, and even though I am not very active when it comes to social media and shops, I don’t want to pick one over the other. My next thought was to make a gallery here, as I’ve actually been wanting for a while now. A gallery with my own handmade stuff for people to see what I can make, and for my own reference as well, since I sometimes forget all the stuff that I do. Seriously, when people ask what I do, I barely have enough fingers on my hands and brain capacity to list it all. “Uhm, chainmaille, macramé, bookbinding, seashell painting, fridge magnets, tea cup candles, bookmarks, writing, drawing, vector…” *brainmelt* Wouldn’t it be nice with a gallery here instead?

Well anyway, I held that thought and built on it. My next idea was to make a subsite here, where I’d install another WP with a gallery listing theme, and only the bare minimum of information like links and a contact form. That would take a while though, and I’d not be fond of having 2 blogs, especially not under one domain. Why? I’ll tell you why. I use this site to vent, you know, blog about everything I feel is important to me right this moment. And I like doing that, because it gives me the feeling of clearing up free space in my head. Like old PC’s needed to defrag, I need that too.

The issue with that though is that if I attend a craft fair, and decide to include a site containing this URL, people can access this very blog. That itself is not the biggest issue, because it’s an open blog, and everyone can read it. BUT! What if someone from the neighborhood attended the fair, grabbed my card, and read through my shitposts? You see the issue now? Okay, I rant more than I actually talk trash, but it’s very negative, and sometimes a bit personal. Reaching out to people through a business card means to be more open towards said people, and I don’t think that this blog is especially open towards other people than random passerby’s and friends that already know me well enough to not be shocked about my language usage and opinions.

Sooo, while liking what I do here, although I am probably the only one who does that, I will need to change the site… again *sob* I like the new design and structure I’ve set up, but if am to be more open with this domain, I need to be more careful with that I write about. That’s why I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do today, and I’ve come up with a solution. Or at least I think that I have.

By the way, the site turned 2 last month, and I forgot about it! That’s what happens when you have fun. In those 2 years a lot has happened. I got the cutest little dog ever, was early retired and bought a house. Just to name the 3 biggest positive things to happen to me. I know that I usually rant about all the negative stuff, and forget to write about the positive things, but I hope that I can change that.

My plan now is to change this random blog about everything into a blog that focuses on crafting and nerdy stuff. Not saying that I won’t post something unrelated to those topics, but I will try not to. I can see in the statistics that most people stop by for anime reviews and information in articles, so that’s what I will focus more on. As for the tons of posts that I have already written, I will not delete any of them, but I will have to change them. I have yet to decide whether to just take them down and move them to drafts, put a password on them (I’d not prefer that), or just make them private/invisible. It requires a lot of work, and me going through all private posts to remove links if I want some to stay open, but not link to closed content.

I will also find a new theme that suits my new needs more, so something with more images instead of text is what I’m looking for. That will probably be the last thing I do though, as I want all the inside to be done before I work with the face. I will keep all the sites for downloads, fun, reviews and the like, and even add more of those for some of my articles, making them even easier to find. I also still want a gallery, so that’s in my plans as well, but it’s not the most important right now. The widgets will also stay, so no worries if you’re linked here somewhere, want to link me, or want to write in the chatbox.

Okay, that’s it. I feel good about what I have here, but I want to move in a different direction, so… I hope everyone understands this decision, and I am as always open for suggestions on the matter. I’ll work on it whenever I have the time, and hopefully it won’t take too long 🙂

EDIT: I’ve already moved some (36 actually) heavy topics to ‘private’. Not all personal stuff will go there though, as a lot of my personal posts contain relevant stories and/or opinions of mine, that I’d still like to share.

July 1st: Theme has been changed, but since it doesn’t support all my old settings, I need to re-do a lot of stuff.
Widgets are back up.
All headers changed to bigger versions. Even the private posts.
Helpful articles have been placed in the menu under ‘Helpful & Fun Articles’.
Not visible to the visitor, but the media library has been cleaned up.

July 3rd: Galleries are done. I decided to do one for jewelry only, and one for everything else. Right now though, they are mainly a collection of photos that I have already used in entries throughout the past 2 years, but I will update them as I see fit.
All headers are finally working.
Public entries have been edited to the point where they don’t refer to private or deleted content anymore, and also don’t contain that much ugly language and rants.

July 4th: Galleries have been updated, and The Site & I now contain some widget stuff.

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