Instead of starting a new series, I went back to my old list of series I would like to catch up with, and randomly chose Mirai Nikki. Was it a good decision? I’ll let you know after a quick résumé of the plot.

Deus, the god of our world is dying, and he needs someone to take over his position. To find out who is worthy, and entertain himself a little at the same time, he starts a survival game using diaries. A diary shows the future of the one who owns it, of the one whom the owner loves, or other things that are important to the individual owner. Should the diary be destroyed, the owner dies with it, and vice versa.

12 people have been chosen to own such a diary, and it’s now their mission to kill the 11 others and be the last man or woman standing, in order to become the next god of this world. Some have selfish wishes they fight for, while others don’t really want to become gods, or at least just make a bright and good future for everyone if they do. Yukiteru doesn’t really have a wish at the moment he is being given a diary, and actually believes that it is all something his imaginary friend is making up. That is at least, until his classmate Yuno shows up with a future diary, and swears to protect him instead of killing him, as she is madly in love with him, and wants him to become the next god. With everyone deceiving one another in order to win the game, nothing is what it seems. Not even Yuno…

Now, where to start? I don’t want to spoil anything for those who still want to watch this, but do be warned; Mirai Nikki is one huge pile of hot steaming garbage! I’ve not been this bored and annoyed since I watched Sword Art Online many years ago. I actually think Mirai Nikki is even worse. Why? It’s because the series has no rules, no real characters and no good story to tell. I could explain a ton of stuff that I really disliked about the show, but I simply don’t feel like it’s worth my time and effort. Besides, there are plenty of sites and YouTube videos out there that explain exactly why this series is a mess.

First off, the series breaks its own rules constantly, and then tries covering up the mistakes with even more mistakes. The many plot twists are not even plot twists, but lazy writing. A plot twist is something you shouldn’t see coming, but thinking back, you understand what is happening, because it fits into the story. Mirai Nikki just slaps you in the face with something random, and then tries explaining it with more random slaps in your face. It’s horrible.

The characters are bland at best. Typical stereotypes that you can find in many other series, all combined into one show. They change personality all the time, and without any character development at all. Seriously, they change from one second to the next because something random happens to them. Imagine if real people changed personality every time something happens they don’t expect. You can’t relate to any of the characters. You don’t feel anything for them at all.  It’s a good thing that this is a death game, because they all need to die.

The story tries to be clever so many times, but because it is so inconsistent, it just feels like a bad fan fiction written by a 10 year old. I felt like dropping the show at episode 18, because it was so incredibly stupid, but after having made it this far, I decided to see this through to the bitter end. Mainly to be able to understand exactly why this show is garbage. SAO was the same to me, where I felt like quitting all the time, but someone said it gets better in the end. It didn’t get better, and neither does Mirai Nikki.

If you’re here to find out if it’s worth picking up; it’s not. If you already picked it up, and want to know if the ending is truly the amazing twist that some people make it out to be; it’s not. Turn around while you can.

I liked the idea of a battle royale using diaries that show the future. It could have made a very interesting series with a lot of strategy and twists. But it just wasn’t meant to be.

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