Or at least one heck of an overhaul. I’m done changing what needed to be changed, and I hope everything works now. I had some issues with a few things, but I’ll get to that. So, what’s new/changed? First of all, I changed the theme, which is both good and bad. I wanted it to be less text heavy, and show more entries, and this theme seemed best for that, while still having a visible menu. Widgets don’t work on the mobile version of this theme though, which annoys me, but if you miss any of the stuff that’s in the widgets, some of it can be found in the footer and on The Site & I.

Another big change is the new gallery, or galleries. I decided to split them into 2, as I don’t want to mix jewelry with everything else. It wasn’t easy getting it to work, and I have Y’neea to thank for it working now, as she tested the logged out versions for me, yay! The galleries mainly contain my old photos from previous entries, but also a few things that I’ve not shown before, and of course my newest stuff, that I will also link later in this entry. It’s by far not everything I have made up until now, but it gives you a good image of what it is that I do, and more photos will come.

Some minor changes include: 36 entries have been marked private. A lot of entries have been changed and partially deleted to remove personal and negative stuff. All headers have been changed to a bigger size. Helpful & Fun Articles is now available in the menu. Contact me is available in the menu.

I’m quite satisfied with the changes, and glad that I got everything done so quickly. It will forever annoy me that the widgets are not working properly on mobile devices, but it’s something I can live with. I hope you like the changes too, and please do tell if you see anything that’s not working properly, or is otherwise not to your liking in comparison to before the revamp.

Onwards with some updates, because I actually managed to do some crafting! I have a lot of dried flowers collected from our garden, and finally got to do something with them. Although it wasn’t easy, I ended up making 6 small flower arrangements for bookmarks. I also found some nice beads on a long necklace in a second hand shop, that I pulled apart and cleaned. They were just screaming to be used in macramé bracelets, so I made 2. While I was on a roll, I found some old beads and made a small beaded jumpring bracelet. Now I can’t wait to get my jewelry displays!