I finally got my last package today, but what a pain it was to get it! I ordered 2 packages about 14 days ago, one from the US and one from China, and guess which one arrived without any issues? The one from China of course! The US package only took 3 days to get overseas (not including the weekend), but then it took PostNord 6 days to send me a bill because of taxes (#thankyoudumbtrump), and then again a couple of days to arrive at my doorstep after paying the taxes and handling. My order total was $40, shipping with T&T $61, and then taxes and handling $39. I’m pissed as fuck, and won’t order from the US again unless I really have to.

Anyway, I now have most of my display items for a fair, and am pleased with most of them. The half-pillow that arrived today has visible dents in the leatherette, which I am not happy with at all, but I guess there’s nothing I can do about that. Maybe I can cover it up with some cloth, dunno. I only need a bookmark display now, but the shop that promised to look into why I can’t order it though they ship to DK is not getting back to me. It’s frustrating, seeing as I’ve been trying to get one from other shops too that either don’t even ship to DK, or require me to spend at least $200 + shipping + taxes. Nope!

But now I have more than enough display items for bracelets, necklaces and earrings, as well as trays for small stuff like bottle charms and other tiny things. This also makes it easier for me to see what I still need to craft in order to fill the still empty space. I need at least 16 more pairs of earrings, but yesterday when I visited the shop where I usually buy ear hooks, the silver plating had a pink hue, and I really don’t want that. Though the necklace display is full, I need a few more of those for backup. I have more than enough small macramé and braided bracelets, but need more chainmaille ones. Seeing as I barely got into creating those, that’s no surprise. I also want to make more sea glass charms and cloth bookbinding charms, but that’s just me, it’s not like I really need them for a fair.

Moving on to a different topic, I finally got the laptop that I wanted. It’s got some quirks that I need to take care of though, or rather; Windows 10 has some issues because it’s a problem child. I also need a palm rejection glove, but every time I find something that looks useful, customer reviews tell me that it’s shit. Oh well, I hope that I can figure both things out soon, because the laptop is really darn nice, and I’ve been saving forever to get one. I also got a Surface Pen, but I’m actually not that happy with it. It’s got a sharp edge where you open it to change the batteries, and the button on it is so hard to press down that it makes no sense. It’s okay for now, but I’m not sure if it’s the right pen for me when I get back to drawing again.

Also, I got a mail from Society6 about me having sold something, yay! Someone bought a Ghostyween sticker, which leaves me with $0.40. I’m not happy because of the money though. I’m simply thrilled that someone chose my design, and actually cared enough about it to buy it, and wanting to stick my Ghosty onto something they own. It’s a really awesome feeling! It’s not my first sale on Society6, but since it’s my Ghosty this time, I feel flattered and all fuzzy inside, haha. Thank you to whoever bought it, although it’s probably not someone who traverses this blog.

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