It’s been a busy week so far. Other than gardening and a 1-day trip, the PC crashed and re-installed, and I had a somewhat weird experience with a company. Right now I’m just happy that I’ve got Word and FF14 up and running again, which took a little while. Yesterday, I managed to get some stuff on the new laptop right too, so there’s at least that.

Anyway, I ordered some stuff from an online shop last week that I won’t mention the name of, because I’m angry with them, although they solved my issue in the end. Let me tell you what happened. I wanted to order some LED lights for a stand at a craft fair, and found some nice ones online. They also had some that I wanted to use at home, so I ordered 3 for the fair and 2 others for our living room. I wanted free shipping, so I also got a spaghetti spoon, some colored paper and some silicone ice cream shapes. The package showed up yesterday, which was pretty quick, so I was happy. Then I began to unpack…

The 3 lights for the craft fair are not nearly as good as expected, so I can’t use them for real light, but more for ambience if anything, but okay. The batteries that came with them were severely leaking acid though! The lamps were wrapped separately from the batteries, so no harm done. Then I went to have a look at the decorative lamps for the living room, and the first one was alright, so yay for that. The second one however, was completely smashed to pieces. Okay, that can happen, especially since the boxes with the lamps were poorly packaged.

I then went to the website where I had bought the stuff, and wanted to fill out their reclamation form. For some odd reason, it wasn’t possible to upload any photos though, so I uploaded them to my Imgur and gave them the links. Not much later, I got an answer that basically read “We can’t open your links. Hope this information helped you, and that you will appreciate our products in the future.” Wait, what? Yeah, okay, whatever. I sent them the same photos of the smashed lamp and leaking batteries again in a mail. Once again they were rather quick to answer, and this time they told me that I got a partial refund, that is now available on my customer account. I didn’t create an account…

I was a bit annoyed at that point, but I just asked them what they meant, and then they really made me mad. Apparently they create an account when you order, which they don’t tell you, and you get no info via mail about it at all. In reality, there was no account at all, they rejected my mail address on their site, and it seemed like they were just messing with me until I’d give up. I’m not a person who just gives up though. In my next and final mail, I told them my honest opinion about them. That I don’t want a customer account because I don’t usually shop with them, and don’t want to do it again in the future. That I don’t want to be forced to spend more money in their shop when there is nothing I want there, as they don’t even sell replacement batteries, and so on. I also asked them what kind of shitty policy they have, since they can’t even refund a single broken lamp the same way I paid for it.

Their next answer took a while. I’m guessing the one that wrote me had to take this to the higher ups, because behold! All of a sudden, they were able to refund it to my PayPal, and they managed to do so the same day. While I’m happy that my issue got resolved, their way of doing it was just plain unprofessional. The mere fact that I can’t upload photos on their site, their stupid answers and methods… I’ve never experienced anything like it. All I wanted was a refund for a lamp worth 41kr. I didn’t even want anything for the batteries, nor did I complain about the bad light coming from the lamps. They refunded me 307kr though, so I basically only paid for 1 lamp, the spoon, paper and ice cream shapes. Still, the struggle was just a pain. Bad customer service can really ruin your day.

On a more positive note; I’ve ordered the bookmark display that I need for a craft fair! Thanks to Y’neea who will accept the package and send it overseas to me, I can finally complete my setup for a fair. I still need a tablecloth and a proper light source, but that’s the smallest problem right now. When I’ve got everything, I will finally know how much space is needed for my stand, and thus what table to buy. I’d like a camping table, but maybe I need more space. Dunno. We’ll see!

I’ve also been crafting a lot of earrings and other stuff, and have added the photos to the gallery.

Pokémon Pattern

Stationery Cards

Bath Mat

Glitter Bokeh
Spiral Notebook