The Danish part of Netflix is finally getting some more anime series, and I’ve decided to give some of the older ones that recently got uploaded a shot. I chose Anohana quite spontaneously, because it’s not a series I ever thought about watching, but since it was there, and I at that time wasn’t in the mood for a longer series, I just pushed play. Was it worth it? I’ll let you know after a quick plot review.

Jinta is being visited by what he thinks is a ghost of summer, which resembles and acts like his childhood friend Menma, who is long dead and presumably gone. The girl has a wish, and Jinta hopes that fulfilling her wish will make her go to heaven, so he visits their old hangout in the woods, where he finds a member of the old gang he used to hang out with as a child. After a short while, they are all gathered there, and Jinta even lets them know about him being able to see and hear Menma. This causes old wounds that have never healed properly to open again, drama to unfold, and truths to be told.

This is all I can write about the plot, since nothing much happens during the 11 episodes series. It’s very slow, which sets a good mood, but also causes some episodes to just drag along, stretching it more than needed. I must admit, that I didn’t like the series during the first half, and almost quit because of the dragged out story and weird characters. Maybe it was because I was too lazy to shut down Netflix, or because I know that I can’t like everything I watch, but I kept going.

During the last few episodes, I came to understand and like some of the characters, but I still think it was too far in to really mean anything to me. I know that a lot of people cherish Anohana because of the feelings in the series, but I didn’t even shed a single tear. Not because it wasn’t sad, because I think it was, but after having felt like I wasted my time, the feelings kicked in too late, like with everything else in this series. So was it worth it to me? I don’t know. It was okay, but not something I’d ever watch again. Nothing against slow moving plots, but this was just over the top slow for me.

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