At first I wanted to wait until the series was completed on Netflix, because I like to binge watch short series like these. Then I thought that maybe my boyfriend would like to watch it with me, but never got around to asking him. Until recently at least, where we started watching the series during dinner, because there was nothing he wanted to watch, and I grabbed my chance to put on an anime. He’s skeptical when it comes to anime, and only ever sits through stuff like Hellsing or Black Butler with me without falling asleep at some point. Violet didn’t let him sleep for a second though.

We follow Violet, an orphaned girl who was found during a great war. Already being a fierce killer, she was given to Major Gilbert to be used as a weapon against the enemy. Though not being able to do anything other than following orders, Gilbert tries his best to treat her as a human being, instead of the tool all the others see her as. The war ends after 4 years, with Gilbert being presumed dead, and Violet having lost both her arms in an attempt to save the major that she came to cherish. After waking up in the hospital with new arms and hands made of metal, Violet starts working as an auto memory doll at a postal service lead by Hodgins, a former military commander who once promised Gilbert to take care of the girl, should anything happen to him.

Auto memory dolls write letters for people who hire them, and need to be able to convey the feelings and thoughts of the ones they work for.  However, Violet is new to the world outside the military, and only knows how to write reports, making her new job a big challenge, which causes issues on several occasions. As she travels the land to meet with clients and other people, she slowly gets to know what it means to be happy and sad, but what she really wants to know, is what “I love you” means, which were the last words Gilbert said to her. While helping others, she slowly helps herself, but the war is far from over for some people, and she needs to combine both her old and new skills to become a new human, and live her own life.

It’s hard to review Violet Evergarden really. It’s such a beautiful series, both visually and story wise, and no words will do it justice. Other than the original novel it was based on I guess, haha. The series has a nice mix of both drama and action, and you never get tired of either. Watching Violet transform from a wild little monster, who can barely speak, into a grown woman who is a master of the written word, is truly a stunning journey. The series deserves all the praise it’s getting and I can only add to it. A movie is set to come out in 2020 with a new story, and although I liked the open ending a lot, I sure hope it shows us who her latest client was, as well as hopefully let us meet some of the people she helped once again.

If you haven’t yet watched the series, and you don’t mind getting tears in your eyes every 20 mins, then I really recommend you give this a try.

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