Yeah, I don’t think that I’ll be able to tend as much to them as planned. The issue is, that most (if not all) require me to sit a lot in front of either the PC or laptop, and I just don’t have the time or mood for that these days. I’ve not played FF properly for about half a year now and only log in to do the events and keep the FC house while the FC master is away. My PC just isn’t built for the new expansion, and I suffer from lag and long loading times. It sucks, but thinking about it, I don’t really feel like playing right now anyway. Having the opportunity to log in anytime I want feels good though, and I might just sit down and level the last 2 classes before 2019.

As for writing more chapters, I am actually working on it, but not nearly as fast as planned. I am writing chapter 6, and it’s slowly moving forward the way I want it to, but it requires a lot of time and patience, which I don’t have right now. If I can just get to chapter 8 this year, I’d actually be more than happy! The family cookbook is on pause right now, mainly due to the heatwave that we just experienced. My plan was to spend the summer vacation time with cooking new recipes that we’d decide on whether or not to include in the cookbook, but it was so hot that we barely even ate any proper food. I can still catch up though, and am pretty confident that I’ll reach the 12 recipes planned for this year.

The sub-goals aren’t meant to be that serious though, so I don’t care whether or not I get to complete that list. I won’t have the time to finish the short novel. I’m still pissed at Line for rejecting my e-mail. And the Bakura vector is something I might complete once I’m more familiar with the new laptop.

The main reason for me not having the time to do all these things is because of the upcoming craft fair (and lots of personal stuff going on). I am quite sure that I will get a spot and be able to attend, so I’m working hard on filling the displays. I still need to make earrings and bookmarks, and although the overall amount that I need to make might be small, it requires a lot of energy for me to complete anything. I’m happy when I get to craft 1 pair of earrings any given day, hooray…  3 months is a lot of time though, so I’ll surely make it, but I still want to concentrate first and foremost on getting the fair stuff done before I go back to the New Year’s resolutions.

Another reason for me to not want to sit in front of the PC that much is, that my wrist started hurting again when I helped my boyfriend with Warlords of Draenor. I simply don’t want for it to become a permanent pain, and doing something else again really helps a lot. No list is worth my health.

That being said, I am really happy with what I did achieve this year already. Most of the brainfarts have been done, and they were a lot of fun. I’ve watched more anime than last year, and already reviewed 10 series as planned. Right now I am watching One Punch Man and Saiki K., and when the current season of Free! is over, I’ll binge watch the shit out of it! I got myself a new touchscreen laptop, but I’ve not yet had the time and energy to get to know it better. I also have some issues with the surface pen and the fact that the screen thinks my entire hand is a stylus.

To be able to attend a craft fair was not planned, but I am so happy that I have this opportunity. I don’t care if I sell a lot or not, the experience itself will be an adventure for me, and hopefully only the first of many. The fair spans 2 days, but I will probably only be able to attend 1 due to lack of energy. The fair manager said that’s fine though, as others do the same because of jobs and other things, so… Let’s rock!

As a little bonus info. I won’t have the time to learn crochet anymore this year I think, but I plan on starting to work with resin. It would be really awesome to be able to create my own charms and pendants for the jewelry I make, and working with resin looks like a lot of fun. I’ve looked around the internet for tips and materials, and will go for basic stuff like UV resin, UV light, molds and color pigments for starters. If I like it, and get some acceptable results out of it, I can always move on to bezels later. This again requires some time to learn, but since I see it as an addition to what I already do, it might be worth the while.

I wish the day had more than 24 hours right now.

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